Jobs at Ski Resorts and Mountain Lodges

    Drawn by quality of life … Freed by advanced technology, mountain towns are now home to an increasing number of successful companies located in spectacular settings. New and interesting career opportunities are on the rise for professionals seeking their ideal lifestyle.

    Working at a mountain resort has many benefits outside the main purpose of employment or making an income.  Being in the mountains on or off-season can be an outdoorsman’s dream come true with the perk of getting paid to be somewhere that you love.  Employees are hand selected for specific jobs based on overall talent, experience, and education.

    There are many positions to be filled at mountain resorts around the country, most of which are seasonal.  Off-season work is also available and would be arranged on a case-by-case basis, but can typically be found in resorts around the country.  There are some things to consider when applying for a mountain resort job in order to ensure that you are getting the job that fits your needs the most.  Some of those things to consider are:

    • Location: Where are you willing to work? Are you willing to re-locate temporarily? How far are you willing to travel to meet your needs? Give the location careful consideration.
    • Duration: How long are you looking to be employed in this position? Do you want to stay for only one season, or do you want to find something that can offer more permanent positions for multiple seasons?
    • Type of Work: What type of job would you like? Do you prefer indoors/outdoors, or do you like to be behind the scenes? Ensure you apply for jobs you are willing to follow through with and get the most out of your move and mountain resort job.

    There are many mountain resort jobs to choose from depending on your needs. Some typical jobs at a mountain resort could include of the following:

    • Lodging: Working in a lodge can be just what you are looking for if being out in the bitter cold does not suit you right now. Lodging positions are a great place to enhance your customer service skills and keep your hospitality talents on point.
    • Ski Slopes: If being outside in the cold is something you love, then the slopes are for you. With numerous ski jobs to choose from like ski instructor, lift operator, or slope ranger, you will be sure to find the perfect fit.  Certain states, like Colorado, offer certificates through accredited colleges (Colorado State University) in Ski Area Management.  If you are looking to make the slopes a career, this could be the perfect position for you.
    • Sales: If you excel in customer service and sales, a retail position may fit the bill. A countless number of resort goers flock the mountains each season and need experts in both on and off-site stores.  A knowledgeable retail person can prove to be an invaluable asset to a mountain resort.
    • Guide: Whether it is on the mountain or down in the water, both positions require passionate and strong minded individuals. These positions are not meant for the weak at heart; guides are a key asset in the mountain resort experience and have the ultimate one-on-one contact with tourists.
    • Park Rangers: Park Rangers are an invaluable asset to the mountain resort experience and have a lot of interaction with staff and visitors alike. Park Rangers are the key in educating and interacting with children while protecting the environment.
    • Forest Service Technician: Maintaining trails and the forest are paramount requirements for the safety of wildlife and visitors. A Forest Service Technician is one of the main people who help make this happen, usually working in groups or as a team.  This position can be filled in many states, and has plenty of room for advancement and furthering of education.  This position has the potential of year-round work and is ideal for the ultimate outdoor person.  Whether it is the environmentalist or survivalist, this job may be exactly what you are looking for to fulfill your career.  Certifications and degrees in the forestry department are available all over the country with advancement and travel opportunities for the most talented of workers.

    These are just a few of the typical mountain resort jobs you can find in numerous states and in Canada.  Choosing your location, duration of work desired, and the type of work you feel would fit your talents are the key to making your mountain job a success.  Do plenty of research, visit resorts if you can, and get references from those who have lived the mountain life before.  With proper preparation, your mountain resort job can be the experience of a lifetime, allowing you to truly love what you do – it does not get much better than that!