Housing Options for Ski Instructors On The Go

A life of travel has many benefits. The experiences gathered through a nomadic lifestyle are invaluable and when your job allows you to carry out this sort of lifestyle, it’s hard to turn down. If you’re considering a ski instructor position that works in various locations, it’s likely your biggest concern is living arrangements. Fortunately, there are more options available than you may think, suitable for all living preferences and financial situations. Whether you’re currently working as a year-round ski instructor or looking to get started in this career path, the following housing ideas can help improve your experience as a ski instructor on the go.

Extended Stay Hotels

If you’re someone who enjoys the amenities of a vacation in your daily life, an extended stay hotel may be the right choice for you. This traditional form of temporary housing, allows frequent travelers to easily move from one place to another at a manageable price point. According to a survey by biz-stay.com, there are currently 26 extended stay hotels across the U.S. Depending on the quality of the hotel, the price per night can typically range from $40 for a standard budget room to $150 for a more upscale suite.

Should you opt for an extended stay hotel, there are a few essentials to consider beforehand to determine if this is truly the right choice for you, and that you’re booking the right hotels to meet your needs.

  • Location: Will you be instructing in major cities or small towns? This can make a significant difference in the price of your stay. Additionally, what is the surrounding area like? Do you feel safe on your own and is it convenient for you to access frequently visited locations, like grocery stores and pharmacies? 
  • Cleanliness: Affordability is key for nomadic living. However, unfortunately, cheap hotels don’t always offer much more than that. Problems like bed bugs, mold and dirty furniture do not make for healthy housing. Therefore, it’s important you do your research on affordable extended stay hotel options and refer to reviews of past guests.  
  • Amenities: A full day out on the slopes can be exhausting. One of the key perks of extended stay hotels are the amenities. Perhaps you have a list of must-haves such as free parking, a fitness center and continental breakfast. Keep in mind, these amenities may limit your options or require you to increase your budget.

Mobile Living

One advantage of working as a traveling ski instructor is that you get to live in a variety of locations, and hopefully cross off some of your bucket list destinations along the way. In some cases, this may mean living temporarily in a skiing hotspot like Vail, Colorado, and others in more remote or unpopulated areas. This may play a considerable role in your housing options if you’re relying on available accommodations in a given location. While signing a short-term lease in Vail may be beyond your budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t still live out your dream of instructing there! Mobile living is an excellent option for scenarios just like this, as it offers an opportunity for you to affordably hit the road to wherever the next job opportunity lies. 

Additionally, because a position that requires frequent travel can often contribute to feeling unsettled, mobile living allows you to create a space that always feels like home. Though compact, there are a plethora of organization and design options available to make your converted van or RV a fully-functioning home. Although this option is more costly upfront, it can save you money in the long run. By obtaining a suitable personal loan to purchase and outfit your mobile house you can kick-start your career in travel ski instructing, and pay off your loan as you go. 

Furnished Home Rentals

If you’re someone who prefers the comfort of a fully furnished home, even on the go, a short-term lease may be the best fit. Furnished house and apartment rentals provide a space for you to retreat after a long day on the slopes with all the amenities and utilities you’re used to at home. This option also allows you to maintain a more traditional routine. For example, doing laundry and cooking your own meals can be more difficult in an extended stay hotel than a furnished home rental. 

There are a number of short term rental services available to help you find the right housing in whichever location your job takes you. This option is particularly convenient for ski instructors who intend to stay in each location for longer periods of time. While short term leases provide many benefits, they also come at the highest price tag in the long run. To off-set the increased price of multiple short term leases, traveling with a friend or significant other to serve as a roommate can help make this option a reality without breaking the bank. If you don’t have someone willing to take on a life on the road with you, consider renting a single room within a home and finding roommates that way. 

Adopting a life of travel that also allows you to work in a career field you love is as good as it gets, and with the array of housing options at your disposal, there is no better time to start this journey!

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