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Buena Vista Jobs

The town of Buena Vista has a population of around 2,200 and is located in the state of Colorado. With such a small population, you would be forgiven for thinking that job opportunities in the area are slim. However, you’re overlooking the fact that the town is an incredibly popular tourist destination. It’s located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and offers breathtaking scenery for tourists. During the summer, Buena Vista is an access point for world-class kayaking, fly fishing, whitewater rafting, mountain climbing and backpacking. The wintertime sees the arrival of big game hunters who are eager to find deer and enormous elk that reside in the area.

Fire Department
One of the most important jobs in Buena Vista belongs to the fire department who are always looking for new recruits. Sites like Monster, Craigslist and Colorado Jobs should be browsed regularly to see if there are any vacancies in the area. Be sure to explain your past firefighting experience because it’s unlikely that you will even get to the interview stage unless you have worked in a fire department in another town. It’s important to note that going online is not the be all and end all. Many of the best vacancies in Buena Vista may not even be posted online. If you’re in the town, be sure to look for old-fashioned ‘help wanted’ signs on the windows.

Chaffee County Times
Of course, if you’re not living in the town or have the opportunity to visit before searching for jobs, you should be more specific in your job hunt. Rather than looking on huge websites where you might miss something, try local search sites such as The Chaffee County Times. This is a site that is dedicated to providing news which is relevant to the people of Chaffee County which is where Buena Vista is located. Check the classifieds and you will see a number of vacancies with the date of the job posting. For example, there are currently openings in FedEx Ground who are looking for a handler.

Connecting Colorado is another excellent resource. It’s a site that is sponsored by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and the Colorado Workforce Centre so you know that there are only legitimate job postings found on here. The jobs which are posted are neatly placed in order of subject so you can view availabilities in the separate legal, management and sales sectors for example.

You also need to bear in mind that Buena Vista is a major tourist attraction. This means that there will be a number of vacancies in the tourism sector. It’s important to note that many of these jobs will be of a part-time and seasonal nature but it will help you get settled in the town. If you’re fortunate, you may land a permanent position. Check the town’s numerous restaurants, hotels and cafés for more information.

Although Buena Vista is not a large town, it still offers fabulous employment opportunities thanks to its enduring popularity. Buena Vista means ‘beautiful view’ in Spanish and if you choose to live there or even visit, you’ll soon see why.