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Durango Jobs

Durango, Colorado is home to over 14,000 people and if you want to become one of those people, you will have to find the right Durango job for you. Durango is much like many other cities in Colorado in that it is near mountains, in this case the San Juan Mountains, and so this will naturally bring in many tourists throughout the year.

Durango is home to a number of different job opportunities some that would be obvious and some that would require a little bit of thinking about to find. Here are some wonderful job opportunities that can be found in Durango:

•    Hotels: Durango will get its fair share of visitors every year as the mountainous region provides great fishing, hiking, and mountain biking. However, there is another reason to work in the hotel industry in Durango and it actually has nothing to do with what is in Durango. Though the city doesn’t have any of its own ski resorts; Durango is close to five major ski mountains and is often a popular place where tourists will stay. While not as posh as the ski resorts on the mountain, the prices will also not be as steep. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get involved in the hospitality industry which can be very rewarding both monetarily and emotionally.
•    City Jobs: The city of Durango itself is always on the lookout for qualified people to work for them. There are a number of different Durango jobs that will have you working directly for the city and these can be found by going directly to the city of Durango’s website at where there is a complete list of all available city jobs. You never know what you may qualify to do for the city.
•    National Wildlife Federation: Because Durango is located so close to the mountains and there is a never ending supply of wildlife that lives there, a number of job opportunities with the National Wildlife Federation are typically available. This type of Durango job is perfect for anyone who is into the outdoors and wildlife and can have you doing a number of different tasks depending on your position.
•    Retail: While not the biggest city in Colorado by a long shot; Durango has grown over the past few years. With growth comes retail chains and with retail chains comes jobs. If you are unsure of what you want to do for full time work and just need to get your feet wet in the Durango job market you can always find a retail job with companies such as AT&T, Home Depot, and the like. While it may not represent your dream job, you can at least have employment and a steady pay check while you figure everything else out.

Durango is a beautiful place to live and if you are thinking about relocating there then you are probably also thinking about what you will do for work. Fortunately, Durango is a city that is filled with many job opportunities for those who want to work hard.