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Jackson Hole Jobs – Live and Work in the Very Best of the West

Jackson Hole, Wyoming has long enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most popular resort destinations in the U.S. Since Jackson Hole was born in 1884, the town’s initial growth in ranching blossomed and eventually morphed into the popular “Dude” ranches of the 1950s and 1960s. Then followed the explosion of full-fledged tourist destinations for tourists, among which Jackson Hole has long held the top 10 spots in American leisure and travel for decades.

Jackson Hole has grown as popular (if not more so) as other tourist destinations, and located in Teton County, enjoys the second lowest unemployment rate of all other counties in the state of Wyoming. Growth in hospitality, financial and environmental jobs, Jackson Hole is a diverse business community providing both part-time jobs and full-time mountain careers.

From skiing to fly-fishing, from Snow-cat skiing to horseback riding, from ice climbing to camping, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one of America’s favorite outdoor playgrounds. Mountain Culture does not end in the outdoors. With over thirty art galleries, and organizations such as Dancer’s Workshop and the Center for the Arts, Jackson Hole enjoys a nice balance between the outdoors and the arts which keeps residents and visitors happily entertained all year long.

Surrounded by the Grand Teton mountain range rising over 13,000 feet and home of the Snake, Yellowstone, Flat Creek and Country Rivers, Jackson Hole continues to offer myriad delights all year long. Surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of native wilderness, Jackson Hole is also the home of grizzly and black bears, prong horned antelope, elk, mule deer and an occasional moose. Despite its rustic surroundings and ambience, Jackson Hole is also one of the most desired destinations for mountain job seekers in the western United States.

In 2008, Jackson Hole experienced a 3%, job growth rate, while the state of Wyoming added nearly 10,000 jobs to the workforce. Construction and transportation lead the job growth market, followed closely by hospitality and leisure jobs and careers. Retail trade, health services, education and natural resources and mining round out the list.

Guest ranches, spas, and summer and winter outdoor activities and sports offer job seekers year-round employment. Luxury hotels, resorts, property management, real estate, restaurants and hospitality offer job opportunities for all ages, and transportation, health care, education, and IT services are growing in demand for both Jackson Hole and surrounding communities.

Jackson Hole, located in the northwestern corner of Wyoming, continues to grow in population, economy, and new residents. Overall, Wyoming is the proud owner of the nation’s lowest unemployment rate. Catering to nearly 3 million visitors a year, Jackson Hole residents and part-time residents take pride in their ability to meet the needs and demands of both Jackson Hole natives and visitors alike. With its many wonderful benefits, Jackson Hole, Wyoming continues to be a favorite for those choosing to make the mountains their home.