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Lewisburg Jobs – Tourism, Healthcare and more

As the seat of Greenbrier County, Lewisburg, West Virginia, has a population of about 3,900 people. The historic town is centered at The Midland Trail crossroads, and experiencing hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. The town boasts a state-of-the-art facility where Greenbrier Valley Theatre, which is the state’s official year-round performing theatre, is located. Lewis Theatre offers daily feature films. Trillium Performing Arts Collective offers classes and workshops for dance, music, and movement theatre. The North House Museum and Greenbrier Historical Society preserve, collect, and interpret the area’s history. Caverns, which are tourist attractions, are located nearby. Those who make their home in the area can find various employment opportunities, including those in the medical field, retail, restaurant, and tourism industries.

As you start your Lewisburg, West Virginia, job search, you will find jobs that are indoors, outdoors, and that combine both of those. You can find employment that doesn’t involve extensive interaction with others, but if you like working around people, there are career opportunities working with tourists and with locals. Here are some positions that are usually readily available in and around Lewisburg.

Medical field – The mountain community has a need for physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical records staff, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy managers, caregivers, and home healthcare providers. These jobs provide the opportunity to interact with others and help them address their medical needs.

Retail – The growing mountain tourism destination has a variety of retail establishments, such as auto parts stores, grocery stores, department stores, and discount stores needing team members, such as stockers, managers, cashiers, sales associates, inventory specialists, and so forth. These are jobs based indoors that involve interacting with customers.

Restaurant – The town has a variety of fast food restaurants as well as casual dining and fine dining establishments. If you enjoy being in the kitchen or have culinary training, you might want to apply for work as a chef or cook. Staff is also needed for food prep, servers, hostesses, managers, and buyers.

Tourism – As a rural mountain town, Lewisburg is a draw to the tourists. There are gift shops, museums, caverns, theatres, and sporting goods rentals that need team members. Whether you are a historian, an actor, a musician, or a tour guide, there is a job for you in the area. Some of these positions are indoors while others are outdoors. There are positions that offer a mixture of the two, so you can enjoy the best of both.

A beautiful mountain town that offers history and natural beauty, Lewisburg, West Virginia, provides those wanting to move to the area with a variety of employment opportunities, including positions that are indoors and outdoors, or that combine the two. You will be able to find work in the area year-round.