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Moab Jobs – The Best in Utah

There are a growing number of Moab jobs now that the economy has started back on the upswing. While there are a wide variety of different jobs available in the Moab area however a majority of them are based upon either the service industry or outdoors. Moab has become a very popular tourist destination because of the numerous outdoor activities and its location in the Four Corners Utah area. Here is a closer look at some of the commonly seen job listings.

The first series of job openings that can be found are seasonal job opportunities. In many cases, these opportunities are related to a variety of outdoor activities including horseback riding, maintaining a ranch, bike riding, and even kayaking. These types of outdoor activities are extremely popular and during the tourist seasons a larger number of people are needed to act as a guide. Along the same lines are other hospitality industry Moab jobs.

Along with seasonal hospitality jobs are also a growing number of related full time positions. This is especially true for servers, bartenders, and chefs/cooks. The Moab culinary scene has shown a sharp growth and has become a newfound gem in the Southwest. As such, demand for these products continue to rise, especially for fine dining.

Another large segment of the population can also find a growing number of Moab jobs posted by the Bureau of Land Management as well as other government branches (local, state, and federal). For example, the most recent posting is for a Lead Wildland Firefighter and Supervisory Range Technician. While these jobs are all outdoors, they offer very competitive wages as well as excellent benefits. While these types of jobs are sometimes offered on a part time basis, a majority of them are full time positions that also have a very high retention rate over 5+ years.

There are also a number of other government positions available, especially through the parks and recreation service. For example, positions like aquatic instructor, lifeguard, child car provider, and fitness coordinator are common. For some people these types of jobs are seasonal, whereas other make a career out of them.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all Moab jobs are blue collar. There is also a growing white collar segment. Through the economic decline, Moab became one of the many smaller communities that saw an influx of white collar jobs because business found that operating there was less expensive. Now that the economy has started to rebound, these businesses now have an opportunity to expand their workforce.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of different types of Moab jobs available. They range from seasonal positions to a lifelong career and can be at a local diner or for the federal government. The best part is that with the wide variety of different opportunities that are opening up, there is a good chance that you can qualify for a number of positions regardless of your current skill set. The key is identifying your strengths and finding job openings that allow you to showcase them.