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Ski Jobs in Colorado, Utah, California and More

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where the winter weather makes for the perfect white powdered snow then you may also be lucky enough to land a number of really cool ski jobs. Ski jobs will obviously be most plentiful at the numerous ski resorts that exist in the United States today however; they are not strictly limited to these types of places. If you really want to find a good paying ski job, you simply have to be willing to look.

Ski jobs are more plentiful than you might imagine and there are several different area in which you can find a ski job including:

•    Off-Site Sales: If you have an entrepreneurial sprit then perhaps you have what it takes to run your own ski shop. Running a ski shop means having a vast knowledge of skiing and being able to help everyone who graces the doorstep of your shop with every aspect of skiing from skis to appeal. Sales jobs for skiing will have you sizing people for skis and matching them up with everything they need in order to enjoy a fun filled and safe day on the slopes.
•    On Site Sales: On site sales is basically working in the pro shop at a ski resort. While not your own business, it can still be very rewarding. As with off-site sales, you too will have to possess a vast knowledge of skiing to be able to help anyone and everyone who enters the pro shop.
•    On the Slopes: Working on the ski slope itself is probably the best type of ski job that there is. This is because you get to be outside and enjoying the cool winter weather while you are earning a paycheck. Ski jobs that can be obtained on the slopes are many and include, giving ski lessons, working the ski lift, working as a ski ranger ensuring that everyone is following the rules, or even as a ski rescue operator, which will see you going off to find those who are lost or in need of your assistance.
•    Lodge Work: If the cold is not your thing, then you can still find a great paying ski job inside where it is nice and warm at a ski lodge. Ski lodges play host to those who are in between ski sets and many also play host to their guests by way of offering rooms and food for the night. Ski lodges are the perfect place for you to put your great communication skills to work and if you have the uncanny ability to always make other people happy, then you should excel with a job at a ski lodge.

Ski jobs can be very rewarding, very challenging, and very fulfilling. The worst part about a ski job is that it is usually seasonal. While you can find many ski resorts across the United States that are opened all year round, there is little doubt that you will any happier than when the snow is on the ground and the tourists are flocking.

Great Employment Options at Ski Resorts

Everyone likes going to a ski resort on vacation.  Between the rush of zipping down a mountain, the thrill of riding high above the land on a chairlift, and the cozy feeling of snuggling down in front of the fire at the end of a long day, it’s a great way to unwind and get away from it all.

But have you ever considered working at one of these establishments?  Getting a job at a ski resort is a great way to insert yourself into the ski resort environment on a daily basis while still providing a way to pay the bills.  Here are some jobs to consider if you’re looking for employment in a ski resort.

Lift Operator

Of course, no ski resort would be able to operate without the ski lift.  This wonderful invention lets people who want to do some skiing, catch a ride to the top of the course before plunging back down.  A ski lift lets them save their energy for the trip down and greatly increases the number of times they can ski down in a day.  This results in more customer satisfaction, and thus higher profits for the ski resort.

But those lifts don’t operate themselves.  Ski resorts need someone who can pay attention to what’s going on in case a rider gets into trouble or has difficulty getting on or off of the lift.  Further, the operator needs to be able to make frequent stops and assist skiers when necessary.

Aside from an eye for detail, this job requires an ability to remain outside for significant stretches of time.  Most ski lift operators work in an outdoor environment.

Having said that, this is a great job to have because it puts you right in the middle of the action.  You’ve got a great seat to watch all the fun and people are always going to be happy to see you.  It’s a great way to meet people from all walks of life and help them add some fun to their lives.


If you already know how to ski or snowboard you may consider a job as an instructor.  Many ski resorts hire people with little experience in teaching so long as you are good at what you do, so you should not feel that you’re not qualified simply because you don’t have a college education in teaching or some similar field.

Being a ski instructor is a great way to meet people from all over the country.  Additionally, you can be instrumental in assisting them to learn a new hobby and have a great time on their vacation.  If you do a great job you will often receive tips and additional compensation on top of your salary.

Working as a ski instructor is a great way to get paid for doing what you love to do anyway.  Many people have to wait for their vacation to hit the slopes, but as a ski instructor you’ll be doing that every day—and getting paid to do so.

As with any job at a ski resort, ski instructors are paid a wage and there may be other benefits as well.  Some ski resorts will offer discounted or free use of the slopes when you’re not on the clock; however, as a ski instructor, you will get to use the slopes even when you are on the clock!  What more could you ask for in a job?

Additional Advantages of Working at a Ski Resort

In addition to being a way to earn a paycheck, working at a ski resort has other benefits.  If you enjoy skiing many of these companies let their employees ski and snowboard for free.  Further, you can enjoy significant discounts on equipment rentals as well as a hefty discount at the ski shop when you decide to purchase some new equipment.

If you need child care or skiing lessons many resorts provide these to their employees at a discount.  If you decide to stay in the ski lodge you’ll usually get a discount there as well as at any other ski resort locations in the company’s chain.

Finally, working at a ski resort puts you right in the middle of one of the most thrilling places in the country.  Many employees of ski resorts don’t even view their job as a job; rather, they feel like they are getting paid to play in the snow!