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Sun Valley Jobs

In the early 1930s, Sun Valley became known as a real hot spot for skiing and began to lure stars of the stage and screen as well as everyday people to the beautiful slopes which brought about a big supply of Sun Valley jobs. However, there is much more to do in Sun Valley than just ski and even when the weather is warm, there are tourists hustling in and out of the otherwise sleepy town of about 2,000.

This news is great if you plan on relocating to this popular destination and will be looking to find a Sun Valley job. Because there are so many people who visit this middle Idaho paradise year in and year out, there are always going to be a number of job opportunities for those willing to work hard including:

• Ski Resort: Working at a ski resort in Sun Valley could be one of the most rewarding Sun Valley jobs that there is. Their slopes are not just well known in this country, but all over the world as well. Depending on your skills, you could possibly land a job as a ski instructor, as part of the ski patrol, working in the ski pro shop, or working at various places around the ski resort.
• Golf Course: If you have a passion for golf then you can turn that passion into a Sun Valley job at one of their world class golf courses. Find work in the pro shop, working on the golf course maintenance crew, or even as a golf pro if you have the talent.
• Restaurants: One of the nicest things about having all those tourists go on and out of Sun Valley is that you know at some point they will have to stop and eat. This means that you can find a Sun Valley job that will last you year round at one of Sun Valley’s many upscale restaurants. Even if you have never worked in a restaurant before, if you have the desire to work they will generally find a position for you. You may start out as a host or hostess, then move on to waiting tables or tending bar, but eventually you could work your way up to a great paying management position.
• Hospitality: Sun Valley also has numerous five-star hotels and other forms of lodging that cater to the many visitors that come each year. This allows you the opportunity of finding work in a variety of areas including front desk, bell hop, lounge work, or even as a manager. Hospitality is also much like the restaurant business in that you can start at the bottom and quickly work your way up with some strong initiative on your part.

Sun Valley jobs are plentiful for those who are ready to get to work. If you have a passion for pleasing others and enjoy working in a fast paced environment where the faces are always changing but the pace is not, then there are a number of Sun Valley jobs that will suit you just fine.