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Taos Jobs

Taos, New Mexico is a small town of near 5,000 full time residents which is steeped in history and while some may think that its small numbers means that there are no Taos jobs available, really if you know where to look and have the drive to succeed, then Taos is the place for you. Taos is like many other small towns that are rich in history and culture in that they rely on their tourist population to drive their economy. That means that a good Taos job will likely be in the service area.

Here are some of the unique jobs that you can find in Taos, New Mexico:

• Balloon Rides: Okay, so this one takes some knowledge to get, but it is truly unique to the area. Taos is famous for their hot air balloon rides and if you think you have what it takes to get up in the air then maybe you can find a Taos job with a Taos hot air balloon company. Even if you never get up in the basket, there are administrative positions as well as managerial positions that can all be obtained.
• Museums: Taos is very rich in history and culture and it shows as the small town is home to some of the most impressive museums in the US. Because there are a good number of museums in the town that means that you have a number of Taos job opportunities waiting for you. Along with guided tours of the museums, you can also find employment as a curator, in the janitorial staff, in the management staff, or even in the day or night security staff.
• Lodging: Taos is extremely close to a small village known as Taos Ski Valley, which is known for its great skiing of course. Because of its close proximity to the ski mecca, a tremendous opportunity exists for those who want to get into the hotel and lodging industry. A job here can have you working the front desk, working with guest relations, working in management, working in catering, working in the lounge, or even working in with the housekeeping staff. No matter what your talents are, the hotel and lodging industry will usually have a good place to showcase those talents.
• Forestry: Taos is also home to a whole lot of great outdoors, which includes a vast amount of forest. This gives you a great opportunity to work in the forestry division where you will get to work in those great outdoors all while earning a paycheck. Possible jobs can range from guided tour to wildlife conservation, so if you are true outdoor person, then a job in forestry may just be what you are looking for.

Though the population of Taos may be small, the number of activities that the town has to offer is anything but. As with any small town, if you look at what drives the economy, you see where the jobs are. In this case, the Taos jobs of true abundance lie in industries that are all directly related to tourism so, follow the masses.