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Vermont Mountain Town Jobs – Life in the Green Mountain State

Vermont is viewed by many outdoor enthusiasts as the ideal place to relocate. “Verde Mont”, which is French for “Green Mountains”, is the 5th smallest state in the U.S. and has the second smallest population with only 65.8 persons per square mile. In spite of the state’s small size, Vermont offers ample cultural amenities to please even the most sophisticated city dweller. When considering relocation to the desirable state, one consideration for people is the availability and variety of Vermont jobs…how they will support themselves and their new lifestyle.

The tourist industry is a primary employer in Vermont. With 13 ski resorts, first class chefs and a multitude of artisans have chosen to make the alpine settlements home and thus some of the finest New England restaurants and galleries have taken root in these resort hubs.

The mountains of Vermont are not the only attraction for tourists and transplanted residents. Products such as fresh farmer-grown fruits and vegetables, cider, and maple syrup are famous in the state. Tourists and locals alike plan activities around the harvest time festivals. However, do no be fooled into believing that all Vermont jobs depend on these tourist type industries.

According to the Vermont Department of Labor health care related occupations make up more than half of the top twenty-five fastest growing jobs. While registered nurses no longer top the list, it is still very near the top. Social assistance jobs make up about one third of the list, and the information technology industry also has many fast growing occupations. There is also a lot of growth in the field of professional business administration.

In the state of Vermont, industries such as traditional printing and publishing are seeing a decline in jobs, as are some manufacturing plants. This is largely due to the advances in digital and electronic technology. The reduction of jobs in these occupations is in large part offset by the rise in service industry jobs. In spite of the job reductions in some areas, overall Vermont’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average.

So, what is the bottom line on Vermont jobs? When considering relocation to Vermont there are many factors which to be considered, one of those factors should be employment. The alpine-like Green Mountains offer a lifestyle that can include such pastimes as first class rock climbing, skiing, and hiking. There are seasonal attractions in the farmlands and vast maple groves.

Because of these attractions there are always jobs to be found in the tourist industry. Additionally, there is still a fast growing market for professionals in the healthcare, social service and information technology fields. With one of the lower unemployment rates in the country, outdoors enthusiasts from all walks of life can relocate to Vermont and be assured they will find employment suitable to support the idyllic Vermont lifestyle.