Seasonal Winter Job In Alaska – Work At A Remote Lodge In Alaska!

Chance of a lifetime remote Alaska experience, spend no money, eat great food and work with a great team of employees and interesting clients. Short term positions that can lead to full-time employment with Alaska’s premier heli-ski operator. What a job description!

If you are in a mountain job search, dreaming of living in Alaska and have even a small sense of adventure, check out these Alaska jobs listed under the title, Remote Lodge Manager. There are two jobs available, Lodge Manager and General Maintenance.

One of the many ways locals in ski resort areas earn their living is by working full-time seasonal jobs. Ski resort towns generally have two distinct tourist seasons, making it entirely possible to have two completely different full-time jobs for the winter and summer, and even return to those same jobs and companies, year after year. On the other hand, sometimes a winter job is just about taking a break from your normal routine, looking for a new experience and seeking change.

Whatever the case may be for you, if you are considering a winter job in the mountains, this is a good one to explore. Spending the winter at a remote lodge in Alaska; I would say this experience would be highly memorable, and a decision that I highly doubt you would ever regret.

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  1. I’m really intrested to work and live in Alaska.
    Do You have some new oportunity?
    Thank you

  2. I would love to move back to Alaska, my wife is a school teacher and I was a store manager for walmart for 9 years until I decided to open my own butcher shop but after 2 years the economy killed my businesss and we ared looking for something to move back to alaska, let me know

  3. Dear Personnel Director, I will be graduating with a degree in Recreation Management/ Nature Based Tourism this May 2009. I have a background in business and I have experience in helping manage a resort in western Montana. My husband has a degree in forestry and has been in forestry management of a private timber company for the past 2 years. We are really interested in this position. Please contact us.

  4. My name is Tommy and I have been running remote FOBs {used to call them fire bases} in South America, Afghanistan and Iraq, That includes Generation, Electrical, HVAC, Wells, Plumbing restaurant equipment and every thing else with little to no supplies. I’m 48 years old and I need a job that is some what normal. Contact me using the above Email. Thank you

  5. Interested in caretaker position this winter 2009-2010 in Alaska. Currently finishing a campground host position near Whittier, AK.

  6. I am a self-employed carpenter in Wisconsin. Business is very good but I’m looking for something different in Alaska. I love to work outside and would do anything to have an experience like this one.

  7. Hello my name George I have worked in alaska 1993 at golden horn lodge as the go to guy when something broke are something went wrong I can fix just about any thing. and also cook all kind of food from gumbo to crem brulea.are from a-z — looking for work in alaska hopeful for remote fly out lodge winter care taker or year round work thanks George Perry

  8. my husband and I are selling or trading our property in montana and moving up there
    He would like to come up first and find a job.It is our dream to come up there and play in the woods,My favorite place to be. we have 20 acres in montana and live off grid My 4 kids have moved out and we are ready to go explore.We would love to do care taking or fix it jobs.Ive cooked,worked at sawmills and wold like to domore schooling.

  9. I whuld really like to work and live in Alaska! I worked for the Royal.C.I Cruise line, and I whuld like to try somethin new! Hope you have something left?

  10. My wife and I are currently looking for jobs in Alaska. My wife is a school teacher and we will be attending the job fair in anchorage in April for teaching positions. I am not a teacher I and am looking for a daytime winter job close to anchorage or Juneau. If anyone could share some info with me it would be greatly appreciated.

  11. i am 42 years old 604 255 pounds retired Los Angeles police officer. Since 1996 I have operated my own business tracking and locating missing and runnaway adults and children from speacialty type schools. I am looking for a remote job placement for six months to a year. I work well in outdoor conditions and will be an asset wherever I go.

  12. I’m a 42-year old male who is a “Jack-of-all-trades”. I am currently back in college earning my degree in Wilderness Education, however, I intend to return to Alaska where I am looking for any type of possition (preferably caretaking) in remote locations. I am a “total” outdoors kind of guy and I prefer to be in Alaska’a backcountry. Please contact me at the above e-mail address. Thank you.

  13. Hi there,mi name is EMILIANO, i have 23 years old and im from argentina i just finish mi studies and i wolud like to work in alaska. my goal is to make some money, i also know that there are some dangeruos jobs in alaska very well paid, im willing to do anything. i hope someone can help me get one of this jobs.

  14. I an a chef (CIA-AOS 1982 with full references and resume) looking for a caretaker position this winter, because I want to work on new computer skills and learn graphic arts. Do you know of any one who is looking for a seasonal/possibly permanent man? 907-398-1723

  15. HI I lived in Ak for 10 years.Loved every minute.Would really like to come back.

    We have exp in food service, managemt. remolding,customer service,Are GREAT with people and love life.Would like to be caretakers in winter and work in the summer..Thanks

  16. I am really interested in the position for general maintenance.I have many skills and i am also familiar with communal living and consensus decision making. I have also worked as a canoe and kayak tour guide in New Mexico,Colorado, and Arizona.I love the out doors and any kind of wilderness life style.please consider me.541-606-2224

  17. Hi, I guide hunters in the Healy area during fall hunting season and would like to find winter work in alaska now. I am not afraid of working hard and prefer outdoor work. I am in Montana now. Call me and we will talk about what you might have. 406-276-3516

  18. hi dave, 24 from b.c. where i spent last season on big white. where the mtn. lifestyle helped me realize that i cant spend my winters anywhere else but up on a mountain. previosly was a construction contractor with my own employees, which gave me various strong work ethics and skills. i enjoy helping others, maintaining a calm demeanor while being highley adaptive to changes. (604)476-2015

  19. were do i sende my resume

  20. GM Experience. Love of the snow, mountains and hospitality. Please forward contact information for resume.

  21. hi my name is jason lebeouf and i always wonted to go to alasaka i live in russilville arkansaw ive always heard that you could make money in alasaka i would go if i had a place to work id stay six mounths or a year longer if i liked it got a filling i would any way my wife is disabiled and she would wont to go with me but i cant afford to go is there any company that would help me to go and spend money on sending me there of course my wife proble would not let me inless she could come too we would noy be missing nothing in this dump please help jason

  22. I am a military veteran. Please tell me more about management opportunities.

    Thank you.

  23. i realy want yo work in alaska! please reply!

  24. Positions still available?

  25. This particular job in Alaska was posted in October and no longer an active posting.

  26. Hey! I just finished hiking the Colorado Trail and am now looking for employment outside of Colorado. I’ve always fantasized about living in Alaska and have begun my search for work. I love the mountains and thought this would be a great experience. I’ve done a lot of general maintenance in previous jobs and am ready to learn whatever is needed of me.

  27. I have 12 years experience as a marine engineer working on and building the finest luxury motoryachts in the world. I am capable in all trades and up to date in air conditioning, plumbing as well as being very capable in wood working and brite work. please respond to the above email address if interested in further discussion about work possibilities. thank you

    Greg Walters

  28. My husband has been a high school cafeteria manager for over twelve years. He also worked for Morrison cafeterias for over 8 years.I have been a teacher for over 25 years. We long for adventure and a change of pace. We are very interested in job opportunites in Alaska.

  29. Hey there,
    I’m currently running a hotel in new zealand that accomodates 54 and has a fully operational bar kitchen I also run the kitchen as head chef. I have myself and my assitant manager keen to do the upcoming season when winters finished here and well give alaska a shot so if your intrested in employing to carrea professionals whith refrences and a complete detail knowledge of industry not to mention very keen boarders reply asap as were starting to get quiet a few offers through but really keen on what you have to offer!!!

    yours sincerly
    alden hamilton

  30. I would really like the opportunity to move back to Alaska. I worked as a scan coordinator/customer service manager for 8 years. I just recently went through a bad divorce and would be very interested in the job if it is still available. Please let me know at [email protected] if you are interested in employing me. I would be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work for you. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    Jerie Roeder

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