The Most Scenic Mountain Ranges in California

City life can be great in many ways, but it can also get overwhelming after a while. We’ve all felt it, haven’t we? Crowded pavements and heavy traffic can be downright unbearable, especially during the summer. Therefore, finding an escape in nature can be considered the only logical solution. Furthermore, if you’re sick of the usual vacation routines by the beach, there’s nothing like the fresh mountain air to put things in a new perspective for you. And California has some of the most breathtaking mountain vistas you can’t find anywhere else. You choose what you want your vacation to be like. If you’re down for a hiking experience of your lifetime, then that’s what you should do. Spending time in nature is calming and can be rewarding in many ways. However, you should first learn all about the most scenic mountain ranges in California and decide where to go.

Explore the mountains of California, but remember–safety first

California is known for having great mountaineering opportunities, and it’s one of the most

popular destinations for hikers. The country prides itself on having some of the most scenic landscapes in the world. Wherever you decide to go on your next hiking trip, you’ll have a wonderful experience that you’ll remember your entire life. California has two great mountain ranges: the Coast Range and the Sierra Nevada. Both have subranges, with marvelous peaks for hikers to enjoy. For an experienced hiker, hiking in the mountains of California can truly be an unforgettable experience. There are also a lot of smaller ranges, which are just as beautiful and deserve a visit. If you’re planning on doing some traversing, then it’s important to be familiar with the safety guide for climbing. However, even hiking can be dangerous. It’s important to remember to take precautions and stay safe:

  • It’s always better to be in a group or with a companion
  • Remember to bring enough water and dry food
  • Let someone know about your plan
  • Bring a map and stick to the trail

Use hiking apps to make the traveling easier

When you’re clear on these guidelines, it’s time to choose your destination. And there are plenty of them to choose from. However, it’s important to stay safe and have a general idea of what parts of California are the most rewarding when it comes to hiking in the mountains. Luckily for us, we live in a digital world. Apps like Gaia GPS and AllTrails are the ones you can rely on when planning your next outdoor expedition. If you’re a fan of recreational activities, then you won’t be able to live without your hiking apps once you try some of them. These apps are designed to help you find trails for hiking, running, climbing, and so much more. If you’ve only just moved to California, now is the time to start exploring your new home!

Diablo–One of the most scenic mountain ranges in California

Starting with the northern parts of California, one shouldn’t neglect the glorious Mountain Hamilton, which is part of the Diablo mountain range in Santa Clara county. Diablo mountain range belongs to the California Coast ranges. It is known as one of the most popular sites among astronomy students, as the peek (4,216 feet) hosts the famous Lick Observatory. Apart from that, nature lovers can find joy in observing local wildlife in their native habitat. The Diablo Range is ideal for bird-watching, as it has the highest density of golden eagles and red-tailed hawks. If you’re an influencer or are seeking to make money as a hiker or a climber, this location could lead to creating some quality content.

How about a little rain?

Klamath Mountains is a range that belongs to both the Californian Coast range and the Pacific Coast range. Even for an experienced hiker, these mountains can pose a true challenge, as the west side is near the Pacific Ocean and has a lot more rain. Better bring water-proof jackets or use sprays to water-proof your clothes before you embark on this journey! Siskyou Mountains are part of this range and could be considered one of the most noteworthy sites in this range. With the peek of 7,536 feet and rainy weather, you’re sure to find adventure if you choose this location for your next journey. Make sure you’re ready for it!

Most Scenic Mountain Ranges in California can be found in the South

The Santa Ana Mountains is a short-range in Southern California that is considered a true pearl of the South. It is located in the southeast of the Los Angeles basin, and it follows the border between Orange and Riverside counties. With a peak of 5,689 feet, it’s also not one of the tallest mountains in California. Still, its natural beauty is considered beyond measure by some hikers. With its canyons and inclines, hiking trails can be a true marvel to follow. Furthermore, as Los Angeles Transfer and Storage advise, these mountains have a wide variety of wildlife, including mountain lions, bobcats, and rattlesnakes! If that doesn’t put you off, you might even consider moving there and living your life to the fullest!

Old Greyback–San Bernardino’s best

One of the most famous mountain ranges in California is without a doubt San Bernardino Mountains. With the highest peak of 11,499 feet, San Gorgonio Mountain is also separated from other peaks by low terrain and is the highest mountain in Southern California. It is also known as Mount San Gorgonio or Old Greyback. San Bernardino Mountains hold the title of the best hiking and skiing site in Southern California. You won’t make a mistake if you decide to visit it on your next trip. If you’re looking to get started with ski touring, this is one of the great places for you to begin.

Get away from the city streets and start your vacation today

Choosing a destination for your next vacation can be a struggle. However, the advantage of traveling guides and traveling apps is that you can find all the relevant information at any time. Therefore, you should rely on these guides to help you decide. Most scenic mountain ranges in California are waiting to be explored, so you shouldn’t think too much. Turn on your hiking app, buy a map and remember to bring enough water and appropriate attire!

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