Chef Jobs In Colorado – Checking Out Pagosa Springs, Colorado

It may not always be so easy to find a job in your exact profession living in a resort town, but for those of you Chefs out there who love the outdoors … the mountains … you really have it made.

Hotels and restaurants are a huge part of any resort economy. Hospitality professionals who like to spend a decent portion of their day recreating in the great outdoors often create a lifestyle where they enjoy the best of both worlds … a full-time career along with mountain living. With the recent job posting from the Alley House Grille looking for a Chef in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, I decided to direct some additional information about this great little Southwestern Colorado ski town, home to the Wolf Creek Ski Area your way. Take a look at Planet Pagosa, a community website for Pagosa Springs.

The character of a town is more than its location or list of activities. The true spirit of Pagosa Springs is in its people. Whether it is the historical characters that first founded this healing place, its vibrant youth, or its engaged retirement community that infuses the town with life, the people of Pagosa Springs embrace friendliness and openness. Although many have come from a variety of other states, there is a bond of community and interdependence that unites us all.

Tends to be the case in many of these small mountain communities … The true beauty of the town actually lies deep within the community, in its people.

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