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Just catching up on some Colorado mountain news in Aspen, Vail, Durango and Steamboat Springs.

The need for more employee housing, how the the price of fuel is effecting a local’s commute to work and the number of vacationing tourists, weighing the pros and cons of mountain living and Scott Ford’s (from Steamboat Springs) thoughts on economic development strategy …

Interview with Jim Crown, managing partner of Aspen Ski Company about the current state of Ski Co. and the ski industry.

Aspen Skiing Co.’s Jim Crown shares views on the ski industry

Challenges, trade-offs and reasons why locals stay in the Vail Valley

Paying dearly to live in the valley

The Durango job market; Colorado Workforce Center

On the job in Durango

Steamboat Spring’s local take on economic development strategy for towns like Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Focus on Being a Great Town and Everybody Wins

“Our economic future, and specifically, the trend toward economic diversification, needs to be to focus on becoming one of the best small towns in America to live, work and play in. If we pursue this economic development strategy well, not only will Steamboat Springs continue to be a wonderful place to live, it will also be a wonderful place for folks to visit. By focusing on being a great town everybody wins. That is how I see it!”

definitely a goal … finding a way to keep all of these special places as wonderful places to live as well as wonderful places to visit!

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