In Search Of The Perfect Colorado Ski Town

I have noticed that when someone is planning to head out to a ski town for the first time, they often start their search with the state of Colorado. Colorado skiing, Colorado jobs, real estate … travel. This Rocky Mountain state is definitely the place where people are looking to go. With 26 ski resorts … makes a lot of sense!

Anyway, I always try to find the locals that are talking about their ski towns and pass that information along to you …

Best Ski Town to Live in was a discussion started a few days ago by a soon to be college grad in search of the “perfect mountain town”. Great to read the different perspectives. Telluride and Ouray are two of my favorites, but there are still more out there that I have yet to see.

Besides the forums on, if you are looking to relocate, the local blogs will give you a real sense of the community and are the ones I like to check out. A few of the Colorado blogs that I keep an eye on …

The Steamboat Springs blog and the Mountain-Living blog are written by Realtors but are not only about real estate … they offer interesting and useful information about the lifestyle and their communities which is helpful if you are considering a move to Steamboat Springs or Summit County. Skimbaco is a Durango blog that is actually mostly about children’s clothing (she owns a children’s boutique in Durango), but mixed in are some great articles about the Durango lifestyle that I have really enjoyed reading.

A few others … The Vail Valley Blog, Aspen Post and Telluride’s Henry’s Blog. I am sure there are many more … if you have any favorites, please let us know.

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for linking in!
    Me and my husband also just started a new blog just about skiing in the San Juan area (mainly Purgatory).


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