Latest Vail, Eagle County Workforce Housing Study – Residents Willing To Sacrifice

The latest workforce housing study which surveyed over 300 Eagle County, Colorado residents reports results that you would likely see from many if not most of the mountain resort communities throughout the Rocky Mountain West. Eagle County residents acknowledge that housing expenses are high, are willing to compromise to live in the mountains, and yes, agree that there is a need for more affordable workforce housing.

There are no surprises here. Mountain resort communities are expensive and middle-class, working professionals make sacrifices to live in these communities because it is a lifestyle that they do not want to do without!

Excerpts from yesterday’s Vail Daily

“…study of the county showed that many residents, including married couples and even families with children, said they were willing to live in condos and duplexes. Further, their top wants for amenities in housing were things like storage and a garage, not high-end finishes or a big yard.”

“Many people are okay with forgoing the yard and the white picket fence,” said researcher Josh Perdue.

“People are quite aware of the privilege it is to live in Eagle County, and their wants are modest,” Perdue said. “Many said that deciding to live in Eagle County is like deciding to live in Manhattan, and if that means living in a 600-square-foot home, they’ll do it.”

View the complete article, Residents will make housing sacrifices, study says

If you have been researching a move to a mountain resort community, there are various options to consider for housing. Renting, buying, houses, apartments, condos, in-town, out-of-town, down-valley, over the hill, through the canyon … point being, if you want to make it work, you can, but it may take some extra soul searching (and number crunching) to determine the sacrifices and rewards that will make living in the mountains worth it for you.

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