Retail Merchandiser Jobs In Colorado, Wyoming – Avon, Steamboat Springs And Jackson Hole, Wy

It is no secret that locals in a ski town often have two, sometimes three jobs at one time, but the misconception lies in the fact that the reason for multiple jobs always has to do with money! Often what comes along with the choice to live this unique lifestyle is the desire for a non- traditional work schedule. Locals just don’t always go for the M-F 9-5!

In no way am I implying that having more than one job, working outside of a customary work schedule, means that residents living in and around a ski resort area do not work hard and crave challenging, rewarding employment. It is just the nature of living in a resort town, a ski town and in the middle of an outdoor paradise that has many locals working outside of the 9 – 5. (And it doesn’t hurt if you can fit a couple of extra hours during the day to play outside!)

Late 90’s I was working three different jobs in Jackson Hole. I was encouraged early on by veteran Jackson Hole locals to get myself out there skiing every day, even if I could only fit in one run! Hands down, probably the best winter seasons I have ever had. Worked more than ever and played even more. The ultimate goal for many locals, the ability to balance home life, a rewarding career and plenty of time in the mountains, most likely the reason you decide to live here!

This new job posted for Merchandise Coordinators is a perfect fit for job seekers with a retail background looking for a challenging, fun position, a great part-time career! Three merchandiser positions available in some of the best ski towns around; Avon, Colorado, Steamboat Springs, Colorado and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

In this particular position, you will be working with one of Winston Retail Solutions’ top clients – The North Face. You will be responsible for supporting their on floor presence through merchandising as well as providing in-store training on product knowledge & merchandising standards to store-line personnel. Since this project is just launching, the schedule is very flexible & only requires a commitment of 8-16 hours per month – perfect for someone looking to pick up some extra cash for the holiday/s and for the upcoming New Year!

See full description here – Merchandise Coordinator, Avon, Steamboat Springs and Jackson Hole, WY

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