Five Tips to Successfully Run Your Company Like Larry Page

These days, many individuals choose to start their own business. It takes a lot of skill to be a successful owner or CEO of a company. Co-creator of Google, Larry Page, is just one business leader who offers great tips that help bring success to business owners. Take a look at the following tips to learn how to run your company more successfully with his guidance.

Five Tips to Successfully Run Your Company Like Larry Page

Be the Face of Your Business

Page suggests that you should be the face of your business and its happenings. He is known for getting rid of his support staff after he found himself being scheduled in too many non-productive meetings with others. This made those who really wanted to schedule an appointment with Page have to approach him directly. This also made him the true face of the company.

Interact with Co-Workers as Much as Possible

Page also recommends getting rid of separate offices. Instead, he feels an open office floor plan will allow individuals to interact more and be able to work more successfully. By switching up your office floor plan, you may be able to increase productivity and get more ideas flowing between staff members.

Don’t Be Afraid of Risks

Many business leaders are afraid to take risks. This can limit their ability to succeed. Page notes that it’s important to take risks if you want to be able to reach your own personal goals as well as come up with innovative ideas that can make a difference. While it’s normal to have fears, don’t let them stop you!

Don’t Focus on Only One Thing

Page contributes his success to not focusing on one specific project. It’s important to divide your time between different projects. This will allow you to have backup plans and also not allow you to spend all of your time on something that may not work out. Take the time to evaluate how much time and money you’re spending on new ideas as well as developing your current projects.

Work with Great People

Make sure that you’re working with great people. You shouldn’t settle for people who are okay. Instead, make sure that you’re working with people who are also putting their all into your goal. You should also show employee appreciation for those who help you build a better business.

When looking for ways to improve your company, take the above tips into consideration. Page’s ideas has helped many business leaders make positive changes.

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