Handyman’s Tips for Winter Energy Efficiency, Mountain Living.

Maybe you love wintertime, or maybe you can’t wait for summer to roll back around. One thing is certain, the snowy weather naturally keeps us in our homes a lot more than usual. Whether you’re spending time with loved ones or just staying out of the cold, being at home more usually means using more energy. From turning up the heater, keeping lights on during more hours of the day, or using more hot water, it’s in the winter that it’s obvious to spot your home’s energy efficiency pitfalls. No one wants a rise in their energy bill during peak seasons, but it feels almost inevitable. The Handymen of Husky have some tips to help you take back control of your home’s efficiency.

Lighting & Electricity Efficiency

Whether you light the outside and inside of your home for the holiday season, or you simply have your lights on for longer due to shortened daylight, your use of electricity has likely gone up somewhat while the weather gets cooler. Making a little effort to save yourself some money is simple.

Replace Bulbs. When’s the last time you checked every light bulb in your home? It’s often we forget to change each bulb to an energy-saving bulb or LED light. Not only can changing out your lights for compact fluorescent bulbs save you money in the long run, but your bulbs will last longer. Thankfully, energy-saving and LED bulbs conduct far less heat than outdated bulbs.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fan. It might seem counterintuitive to turn on your fan in the middle of winter, but actually, your fan can come in handy once your home’s heater stops running. You can use your fan to help circulate warm around your home. It will likely save you from running your heater every hour of the day to keep rooms at a comfortable temperature.

Doors & Window Efficiency

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. One of the most important home projects to partake in is winterizing your home. If you’re beginning to feel like the warm air in your home quickly disappears, especially as you get closer to a door or a window, the likelihood is that the warm is escaping through gaps in doorframes and poorly sealed windows. Have a handyman recaulk and seal windows, as well as install a fresh door sweep and you’ll see your energy bill lower. 

Insulating Your Home

Want to see your energy bill lower significantly? It might be time to invest in new insulation in your attic or basement (where hot air escapes and is harder to trap). Talk to a Husky Handyman about the type of insulation that will be best for your home, help with energy efficiency, and have a higher return on investment. 

Bundle Up Your Water Heater. Insulation isn’t just important for your walls, ceiling, and flooring. If you’ve noticed that hot water simply isn’t lasting in your home, it’s time to check out your water heater. Of course, your water heater could simply need a repair, but if your heater is located in a cold area like the garage, your heater could need its own form on insulation from the cold. Investing in a watertight blanket to conserve heat may be the answer!

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