How Spirituality Can Improve Your Job and Your Life

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It’s safe to say that, despite the wonderful advancements that we have made as a civilization, human beings are in the midst of one of the least spiritual periods of our existence. Although this may seem of little importance to some, it offers an explanation to why so many people struggle with finding true happiness in their jobs or lives, despite living in a world where any sort of pleasure or experience is available with the swipe of a finger. This is because true fulfillment requires more than material satisfaction, which is where spirituality comes in. It’s important to note that when we use the word spirituality, we aren’t necessarily referring to religion, or even a tangible God or theological structure (although many people are certainly able to find spirituality through religion). Spirituality is simply the process of accepting that the universe is larger than us, but still accepting our connection with it. It is simply the act of opening yourself to a higher power and acknowledging the world is beyond your control. Here’s some insights on how spirituality can improve your life…

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Eliminates feelings of isolation

The essence of spirituality’s purpose is to step outside of yourself and see the wider world around you, so that you can understand that a greater power than you is in charge of your life (although your actions certainly still matter). If you are feeling alone and like the obstacles that you face are too momentous for any one person to overcome, then you are probably right. However, accepting spirituality as a way of life means that you are never alone in your pursuits, because a breath of fresh air and an open mind to a higher power means that you always have accompaniment in your journey.

Opens your mind to greater possibilities

Sometimes, it can become incredibly easy for us to get caught up in the minute details of our lives, which bogs down our real strength and mutes what we are really able to accomplish at work. A lifestyle of spirituality is one where we are able to open our minds past the small viewpoints that we have when we get caught in our own heads. This is great for creative thinking, or when handling personal relationships, as it frees our limited thinking and lets us consider viewpoints that aren’t our own. To live a fulfilling life with those around us at work and at home, spirituality presents an opportunity for greater understanding of our work problems that often bleed into our home lives.

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Builds a foundation for growth

Because of how fleeting and inconsequential the pleasures of our modern world have become, it has become incredibly difficult to accomplish fulfilling growth that improves who we are as people and employees. This is the primary purpose of spirituality in people’s lives. Regardless of religion, creed, or culture, having a firm spiritual backing to apply to your actions creates a foundation upon which you can build the essence of who you are. This is why so many people have found modern culture to be unfulfilling, as it lacks a built in model to accomplish this same foundation. For an example of how spirituality is used to build a strong personal foundation, look at how successful the 12-step program has been in the world of addiction. Many people attribute this success to the inclusion of giving your life over to a “higher power” in multiple of the steps (this doesn’t necessarily mean God, but it can). For more information on how successful this has been, check out this informative article here.

Helps you better understand yourself and work goals

Sometimes, it can be challenging to decipher why exactly we act the way that we do. Our actions seem to be outside of our control when our perspective is trapped inside our head. Interestingly enough, being able to step outside of ourselves helps give us insight and answers into our toughest work issues. This is what spirituality is able to provide to people. When we can think of ourselves as a small piece of a much larger puzzle that is the entire universe, all of space and time included, we can begin to get a better idea of where we fit in with it all. If this makes you feel small and insignificant, well, that is partially true. However, being able to reflect on all of that bigger stuff is a sure sign that you are apart of it, and it is apart of you. Gaining new perspectives is the first step to understanding who we are and finding purpose in our lives and reaching our goals at work. This is the essence of what spirituality is.

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