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To give you a brief description of the Journeys School philosophy:

Teton Science Schools connects people, nature, place and education to a wide variety of audiences. Journeys School is one of the six major program areas of Teton Science Schools. Journeys School’s mission is to integrate ecology, culture and community to ensure academic excellence and personal success in a Pre-K through 12th grade independent school setting. Journeys School faculty and staff, along with the rest of the organization, work in a collaborative and inspiring setting where ideas are freely shared. All care deeply about innovative education, challenging their students to think, and a sustainable lifestyle; the belief that their work will change the world permeates the organization.

I have received very positive feedback from many of the moms that send their kids to the different schools here in Jackson, but as someone who has never been very auditory, the Journeys School’s unique learning environment has always intrigued me.

I e-mailed a friend who no longer lives here to ask her what she missed about her kids being at Journeys.

I don’t know how else to put it but as soon as you get there, there is an aura. Everyone you meet cares about you, the environment, your children, and combining all of those things into an educational experience … that is undeniably the best thing you can offer your child.

Can you imagine having a weekly ski day when you were in school? Can you imagine having your teacher take you tracking for animal prints in the middle of winter?

At Journeys School the teachers “teach” the kids what it takes to put their own shoes and socks on. They “teach” the kids how important it is to go outside. They “teach” the kids to be independent. What a concept.

Those were some of the comments that she made. We are lucky here in the small town of Jackson to have a variety of schools that cater to the different learning styles. I truly believe that I would have benefited greatly from more of an innovative teaching approach.

My experience in school went something like this … I put the topic heading on the top of the page at the beginning of a lecture, and then drifted off to somewhere far, far away. I completed my school year with a notebook full of headings and no notes! I had to go home each day and teach myself everything by studying the text books. Having had that experience, I am amazed and inspired by the modern and interactive approaches to teaching children in today’s society.

As far as the bus driver position, it is part-time and includes housing … need I say more?

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  1. I have been a substitute teacher in Cheyenne for 8 years. I am a gifted teacher who believes bureaucracy has stripped educators like myself of our greatest asset, our creativity. I would be interested in investigating employment in Journeys School. We just may be a perfect fit for each other. Thank you.
    David A. Bonogofsky
    phone 307-631-7774

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