5 Best Examples of Productivity Mobile Applications

The good news is, many companies have come up with several solutions to make sure that teams and individuals can work more efficiently and productively by keeping communications effective on other platforms and that users do not have to change logins to use other ones.

You start with good employees, plan out the rules to communicate with them, motivate them, and reward them. If you are doing all these things with a productivity app in hand, you can’t miss. So, if you are a good manager, you should not manage time, you should manage activities within time.

If you need a custom productivity app, then you better find the best mobile application development company who will create exactly what you need. The key options that come with productivity apps is a project management and communication, to ensure that no matter where an employee is, he/she can get in touch with the rest of the other team members and share the information and updates that everyone needs.

This can easily be done on a project-basis so that managers can easily make sure that the right people are in the right place to do the right job.

With the help of productivity applications, it is easy to create one focused place where you and your team members can easily get things done.

There is a program or an app now for every little thing, including project management or communication needs. So, let these apps do the work, and use your extra time to focus on growing your company.


Evernote is an excellent notebook application for everything.

You can write your notes and arrange them with rich text, with reminders for essential tasks and checklists for a quick to-do list. You can use a built-in camera tool to scan files or drag in documents while keeping track of forms, receipts, tickets, etc. Then arrange everything with tags and notebooks to create a personalized productivity system – or use a search tool that identifies text inside scans and images.


ToDoist is undoubtedly the best todo-list application, made it easier for over ten million people to have a strong control over their lives.

In order to start using this tool, first, write down all you need to get done. This smart software program will then categorize and interpret the projects based on the entries.

For instance, if you have created a task “Have dinner with Frank at 9 pm tomorrow”, this app will instantly schedule a reminder for tomorrow at 9 pm, and record this task into the “meetings” section.


Busy personnel or businesspersons usually forget daily chores and tasks, but Any.do is right there to keep your timetable on the right track with reminders, to-do list, meetings and assign tasks to and share lists with others.

This app allows you to sync between web, desktop, tablet, and phone to keep the lists up to the minute. A new voice-entry feature allows you to add things to the task list simply by speaking.

Calendar plug-in is good for better task management.


Wunderlist is a good task management application with positive user reviews as it is easy to share, easy to use, and quick to follow up on.

Its selling feature is that you can easily communicate about the to-do list and work together with your co-worker, spouse, family, or teams about the significance of a task.

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