5 Modern HR Management Trends You Don’t Know About Yet, But Should

Isn’t it astounding to see how technology impacts society? Despite the many benefits we enjoy each day—from automatic coffee makers to large factory machinery—most new ideas are first met with apprehension. Perhaps human nature simply balks at change initially only to welcome it later on?

This is exactly what happens in HR departments today.

HR practitioners handle one of the most important assets in a company: People. In this important role HR managers usually pride themselves in the personal service they deliver to a team of employees. And yes, this should be highly commended.

But is this the modern way to go about it?

The thought of allowing technology to take over certain HR tasks is one modern trend that often gets frowned upon. How can robots handle such an important and personal role, right?

The truth? You would be surprised at the possibilities. The bonus is that this doesn’t have to replace individuals or complicate work. With synergy your entire team can become more efficient.

Let’s look at the possibilities.

How Streamlined is Your Office?

HR departments are known to be busy and overflowing with paperwork. With this stigma it’s easy to think the status quo is acceptable. Is it? Of course we all know HR practitioners work hard but in this modern environment it becomes their responsibility to work smart as well.

Instead of all those files lining your walls you can rather follow the trend of becoming high tech driven. You can use HR management software and list of benefits is long:

  • More secure when saved on a cloud or server
  • Information is easily accessible
  • It’s more sharable
  • Many routine tasks can happen online instead of requiring paperwork
  • Recruitment processes can be managed more effectively

More about that last one next.

How do you find the Best Candidates?

Recruitment is one of the most challenging aspects of being an HR practitioner. You need to squeeze this task in between all your other regular responsibilities whenever a position opens up.

The days of manual recruitment are long gone. Today’s trend is all about using technology such as AI to reach, interact and vet the best candidates.

AI technology can scan the web for appropriate candidates. There are many platforms and discussion groups to find them but I bet you don’t have the time to do it.

But it’s not only about finding candidates but finding the right ones. Once again technology comes to the rescue.

Do You Want Quantity or Quality?

You probably think it’s great having hundreds of candidates to pick from. It means you don’t have to settle for mediocre. Or does it?

Current trends show that companies are much more focused on getting the right type of candidates to vet, rather than sheer volume. There are many reasons for this:

  • Why waste your time on reading countless resumes when AI can help you source candidates that actually fit the available role?
  • Why waste precious time if there’s a more dynamic, faster procedure?
  • A huge batch of candidates often means you’re not sure what you need. Perhaps your advertisement was vague or you’re not sure what characteristics you’re after. With AI on your side you can determine the exact need of the company. AI sifts through large volumes of feedback data on company performance. This is used to determine future needs. Now you or AI can find individuals with these exact features on their resumes so you don’t waste your time talking to applicants who will never really fit in.

The trend is to use technology to streamline recruitment processes. There is too much work and with software on your side you don’t have an excuse any longer. Work has to be done better and faster.

One feature of a quality candidate will be one that can adapt. You’re responsible to build a strong work force that can handle the technological changes that are taking place faster by the day. Do you want someone that can work well today only or one that will adapt along with you as the future brings more interesting changes your way?

Can You Be Flexible so You can Employ the Best?

Are you prepared for what your candidates will ask you when they come in for their interviews? A common trend is that individuals request contract work rather than permanent positions.

You can stay set in your ways and refuse to allow this. But what if you lose the best candidates because you’re too proud to change your perspective?

Contract work allows employees more freedom but ultimately they feel happier in their jobs. Happy workers always translate into higher productivity so it’s worthwhile to consider their requests.

Can You Impress the Modern Job Applicant?

Today it’s not only about applicants impressing you; you’ll have to find and impress them so the best wants to work with you. A common theme in many companies is that employees experience a drop in technological stimulation at the start of each week. At home people have every gadget imaginable but at the office they have to face manual tasks instead of the automation they’re used to at home.

At the moment this is still acceptable as few companies have budgets to become high tech overnight. But employees won’t always be as lenient. Your team wants to be proud of the place they work at and being at the forefront of technological developments is part of it.

How does this relate to your job as HR practitioner?

A surfacing trend is to ensure you impress promising candidates from the very first interaction. If you want to tell them about the company why organize an information session if you can supply all the information via a mobile app? That’s how you show you’re ahead of the pack.

Can you see how original ideas are vital in HR in this new world we’re living in?


If you’re looking for more motivation to get the modern ball rolling you have to look at the big picture. In a decade from now the business environment will look much different than it seems today. If you want to employ the best candidates at that stage you’ll have to be the employer of choice. And in an ever changing, technology driven world, technology will have to be your strong point too. Can you afford to get left behind?

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