5 Strategies To Make Your Job Post Stand Out 

The construction industry is experiencing a severe staffing shortage. And industry insiders predict the skills gap is going to get worse if construction companies fail to address their recruitment drive now.  Industry reports reveal the construction industry is having difficulty filling positions. Last year, 4.3% of the job openings on the market were declined or left unfilled. For employers to attract top talent you have to provide applicants with conditions that meet the expectations they want from a job. However, the first step is to post a job ad that will attract their attention. 

With 41% of construction workers expected to retire by 2031, contractors should be looking at younger generations to beef up their workforce. Ignoring the labor shortage could pose a threat to the continuity of your business. It’s arguably more important than ever for contractors to sell job roles to younger workers. 

Keep Your Job Post Short and Snappy

Job seekers don’t have time to be reading through half a page of content about how good your company is to work for. As a matter of fact, they want to know what benefits the job will bring to their daily life. 

Rather than posting a job ad comprised of multiple paragraphs, write a short introduction about your company then list a bunch of bullet points that highlight all the key selling points the job offers. 

Now you’ve grabbed their attention and piqued their interest, list the qualities and qualifications you are looking for in candidates. Keep the requirements to a minimum – no more than six.

Appeal to the Expectations of Millennials and Gen Zers

There is more or less a nationwide consensus among staffing agencies that today’s job ads should be geared towards candidates. However, younger generations want to know they are working for a company that meets the ideals of young people. 

A Gallup report reveals that employers must meet the following condition to attract millennials and Gen Zers:

  • A health and wellbeing program?
  • Ethical and transparent leaders that promote social responsibility
  • A diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Environmental efficiency 
  • Work-life balance
  • Respect and recognition

Provide a Mentor and Progression Path

Younger workers want to know they will be given continuous training and opportunities for promotion. If your company doesn’t offer a development path, top talent won’t even consider applying for a position with your company in the first place. Make sure you reference continuous training and a mentor program among your bullet points.

Promote Technology

The uptake of emerging technologies in the construction industry will be a big draw for millennials and Gen Zers that have grown up with technology. In turn, contractors will rely on tech-savvy individuals to get the most from construction technologies. 

Include A Link To Your Careers Page 

There’s only so much information you can include in a job ad that will whet the appetite for candidates. However, including a link to your website’s career page will enable top talent to see the bigger picture. 

The strategy only works if your careers page is designed to sell your company and the job opportunities you can offer. Your careers page should essentially be an extended version of the bullet points in your job ad accentuated with an illustrative description and supported with compelling images. 

Work with Cruitfly

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