Personalized Embroidered Patches for Ski/Snowboard Instructors

Mundi Plumarii Foundation
High-quality embroidered patches are not easy to make, yet Mundi Plumarii Foundation delivers top-quality embroidered badges with ease and on a regular basis. They are experienced and well established in this area of expertise.

They are specialized in creating embroidered badges for ski instructors, snowboard instructors, other workers at ski resorts, and countless non-profit organizations all across the UK and Europe. Their patches are also used by the team members of Mountain Rescue Association. At Mundi Plumarii, they know their customers’ needs very well and account for the rough environment their winter jackets will be exposed to.

If you are in need of embroidered badges for your team in any sort of mountain-related trade, Mundi Plumarii Foundation is without a doubt the right place to order those. Final products can be at your doorstep as soon as within 2 weeks of submitting the initial order.

Aside from using the highest quality threads and techniques that enable them to guarantee satisfaction of their clients, they also work extremely fast and offer free shipping. In addition, they provide their clients with a sample patch only 7 days after the order was placed for the final confirmation before the entire batch production goes underway.

Choose Durable Patches

When choosing a set of embroidered patches it is important to select quality and durable ones. The last thing you want a patch to start falling apart as soon as it gets wet or the first time it hits the snow surface. At Mundi Plumarii Foundation, they have perfected their methods, which enables them to produce top-notch patches that are extremely durable and able to withstand the toughest winter conditions.

Their goal is to deliver patches that have a lifetime of the highest quality ski/snowboarding jackets, which are able to withstand the extra tough weather conditions such as moist and extremely low temperatures at the same time.

What Types of Patches Can You Order at Mundi Plumarii Foundation?

Whatever your needs, Mundi Plumarii got you covered as they offer a very wide range of embroidered patches for you to choose from. Here is a full list of embroidered products they are able to produce:

  • cartoon patches
  • logo patches and badges
  • insignia patches
  • custom sports badges
  • flag patches
  • other personalized custom patches

They are aware of their clients’ wide range of needs, as such, they offer different types of patches according to the method of being placed on the jacket, a flag or other fabrics or surfaces:

  • plastic backing
  • self-adhesive
  • iron on
  • velcro/generic – hook and loop
  • and of course sew on

It is important to let them know what type of patches are you in need of and how do you plan on placing them on your jackets, flags, or other team gear.

Are You Ready to Order?
The winter will be here before we know it and now might be the best time to place your order. To make things as easy for you as possible, we decided to write down the exact process of ordering your patches so you’ll know what should you have ready and prepared beforehand.

In order to get any type of the above-listed embroidered patches or any other unique pieces of embroideries, you will need to provide the following information and things:

  • Graphics file/files (eps, cdr, ai)
  • The size of the embroidery that you want
  • The number of pieces that you need (quantity)
  • Which type of the above-listed patches do you want
  • What color of the background do you want
  • What border type do you prefer – merrow or hot cut
  • Do you want them to us any special threads: gold, fluorescent, or metallic silver

As mentioned above, within 7 days after your order submisson, they will provide a sample to reassure that all is in line with your needs and expectations.

If you are ready to place your order, simply send all of the above information to their email [email protected].

NOTE: If you are a non-profit organization, make sure to mention that and they might give you a special deal or even completely free patches as they do a lot of charity work themselves.

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