Tips for Marketing Your Business in Mountain Towns

If you have lived in the mountains, you probably know that life there differs from other places. There is strength in the community, the fresh air, and the importance of being a good neighbor. People help each other, and there is a sense of oneness. However, living or opening a business in a small mountain town comes with several challenges. You don’t have excellent transport like in the urban areas or the luxury of shopping in a big supermarket. Nonetheless, you can become the staple of the community if you open a business here. The following are ways of marketing your business in mountain towns.

Capture Outdoor Activities

When marketing, it is advisable to focus on outdoor activities. People in the mountains are looking for fun outdoor activities. Therefore, when marketing your business in these areas, ensure you focus more on the outdoors. Keep posting online materials showing outdoor activities like dining options and lodgings. These options will attract the attention of the people living in the mountains and potential residents. 

Be Present Online

The best thing about having a business in the mountains is that there is no stiff competition. Therefore, marketing will also be easy for you. Take advantage of press media and online platforms to promote your business. Create exciting stories about your company and make sure you involve the press in your local events. Another way of promoting the business is having a website and social media pages.

A website is a good platform for marketing your business. Look at your target audience’s social media platforms and open an account. Managing your online presence by handling reviews and protecting your data is essential. If your business does not have the resources or a dedicated IT department, consider outsourcing IT support to keep your data secure. You can hire a managed service provider in this case. What do MSPs do? A managed service provider will provide IT support and backend services you need to keep your website and social media accounts safe and running. 

Use Local SEO Tactics

Another great way to promote your business in mountain towns is local SEO tactics. It is crucial to have a simple website that everyone can easily navigate. The website is crucial to display your products and services. Use local SEOs to be visible on Google. It will help you attract more site guests who will convert to customers. Ensure you target the local audience and use local phrases in your content. Ensure the site is mobile-friendly to cater to the people who use smartphones. 

Focus on Family-Friendly Features

If you want your marketing campaign to be effective, ensure you include family-friendly features. Emphasize things that the people in mountain towns like to do as a family. You can also find towns with features like public parks and playgrounds. It can be a good idea to partner with park authorities by sponsoring different activities. Exposing yourself to these parts exposes your business to the community at large. 

Be a Sponsor in Local Events

Sponsoring local events is a good way of building your reputation in the local community. Being part of the community and the activities that take place here is a fun way of letting people know and trust your business. So, sponsor, volunteer, and host events in the community. Create events that the people will love. It will show your readiness to invest in their community, which is how you promote your business. 

Use Word-of-Mouth

Word of mouth is another effective strategy for marketing your business in small mountain towns. The communities value reliable suppliers and shops to provide everything they need. Therefore, let the community know what you do and be reliable so they can always call you when they need something from you. Work together with other businesses and distribute business cards. Be friendly and provide the best customer service. If you are able to give the community what they want, you become a staple part of the community.

Consider Giveaways

Freebies are also a good way of marketing your business and spreading the word to other places. Set a small budget to cater to the gifts for some time. You can offer freebies for people who shop up to a certain amount. You can also provide giveaways for the first 30 people who buy from your store. Giving freebies and discounts is a good way of generating leads and encouraging people to buy from you.


These are simple ways of marketing your business in mountain towns. Hopefully, they will help you drive your business to a successful edge.

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