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It is hard to believe that there are so many employment websites out there these days. Where to even start? If you have found your way here to MountainJobs.com, you are most likely looking for a “mountain job”. I like to keep things simple.

The history
MountainJobs.com was originally created in 1998 after a rather trying search for an Interior Designer, and a Computer Programmer while working as a recruiter for clients based here in Jackson Hole. I came to realize that a more effective way to attract candidates who were seeking out this lifestyle was needed. What often happens when someone reads an ad saying “live in beautiful Jackson Hole” in a metropolitan based newspaper, or general job board is that they get really excited about the prospect of living in this spectacular place … but then quickly realize that they would prefer just to visit.

The lifestyle
A point I have brought up before is that if you don’t like this lifestyle… a lot, than you are probably not going to like your job. The cost of living would not make much sense to someone who did not enjoy the benefits beyond the beauty such as an incredible outdoor lifestyle, and small town living. On the other hand, if you absolutely do love this way of life, and land a good job within a solid company, you will most likely find a way to make it work … just as many of us do.

Building the network
The re-launch of MountainJobs.com is focused on creating a mountain community employment network. I have continually heard the struggle of job seekers looking for better career opportunities, and mountain employers seeking more quality employees. Why is there often such a disconnection between the two? As the database builds, the goal is to bridge that gap, and create a central place for mountain employers to easily connect with those of you who have chosen the mountains as your home.

The here and now
As for right now, I am off to one of my favorite Jackson Hole community events, the Fall Arts Festival, Palates & Palettes This is a an exceptional gallery walk for 3 hours located in the center of Jackson providing great art, food and wine as well as the perfect place to catch up with just about everyone that you have ever known here in this town. Nothing like good small town living. Like I said, I like to keep things simple …

Enjoy the weekend!

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