Best Growing Companies to Work For in Utah

Business in Utah has grown dramatically in the past decade. What was once a state known primarily for its beautiful natural scenery is now known as one of the best states in which to do business. In recent years, Utah has earned the nickname “Silicon Slopes” due to the amount of information technology, software development, and hardware manufacturing businesses that have been founded in or have relocated to the beehive state.

If you’re looking for a job, or are looking for more evidence of Utah being a great place to start a business, here are some of the best growing companies to work for in Utah.

Patrick M. Byrne started in 1999. It started as a way to liquidate excess inventory online. When the company started, it sold exclusively surplus and returned merchandise in an effort to help liquidate inventories of other online stores. Since its beginning, the company has grown considerably, now selling old and new merchandise, with over six million products on their website.

Assure Services

Assure is the leading provider of outsourced administrative and transaction services for the private investment marketplace and was recently named as the 13th fastest-growing company in Utah. Their innovative software simplifies and accelerates the process for setting up, closing and managing fund administration for angel and private asset investing. They have closed over 3,500 deals and manage over $2 billion in assets.


Vivint is a home technology company based in Provo, Utah. Some of their services include home security and automation, local cloud storage, high-speed internet, and energy management. It was also one of 500 companies in the United States to make it onto Forbes’ list of “America’s Best Employers.”

Based in Lehi, Utah, provides access to over 16 billion historical records that enable its to get a glimpse of their complete family tree. A quick search can reveal one’s lineage back several generations. They recently added a new service called AncestryDNA, in which a DNA test can be taken to reveal one’s ethnicity and give an estimate of where the person’s ancestors used to live.


Betsy Mikesell founded Beddy’s in 2013. The concept is simple, yet surprisingly brilliant: zippered mattress covers with a sheet sewn in. With a Beddy’s comforter, making your bed only takes a few seconds. They provide a variety of sizes, styles and accessories, giving you everything you need for a comfortable, stylish and convenient bedspread. It’s no wonder that the company earned almost $5 million in 2017 and are continuing to grow.


Taft was founded in 2014 by Kory Stevens. Founded in 2014, the company started as a sock store. Four years later, Taft sells 52 styles of handmade shoes and boots, and no socks. Their successful launch into the shoe distribution business was kickstarted by a viral post on the social media site Reddit that gave their website a favorable mention. Kory, after noticing the spike in website traffic, posted some prototypes of shoes onto the website, quickly assigned them a price, and got over $50,000 in preorders by the next day. Today, they exclusively sell shoes and made over $5.7 million in 2017, with an expected growth in 2018 of over 4,000%.

Funded Today

Funded Today is a digital marketing company that specializes in marketing crowdfunding campaigns. Their techniques help entrepreneurs get more pledges on their campaigns, provides a range of consulting services, and have helped campaigns raise over $223,105,231 in total. Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord, who founded the company in South Ogden, Utah in 2014, are handling the rapid growth of their company well and show no signs of letting their growth slow down.

Lucid Software

Lucid Software was founded in South Jordan, Utah, in 2010. What started as one college student’s desire to improve the way he worked has now become a team of around 400 employees working together to help people work and collaborate in a visual way. Lucid is the parent company of Lucidchart and Lucidpress, two visual productivity softwares. Lucidchart helps companies’ employees understand and share ideas, information and processes in a clear, simple, visual way. Lucidpress is a design and brand management platform used to create on-brand content quickly. It has grown quickly, and is still steadily growing. It also has received a number of awards for its appealing workplace culture.

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