Driving for Success in the Mountains: 4 Jobs That Might Be Suitable for You

There are over 4.4 million Americans 16 years and above working as drivers and more than 30% of civilian jobs require some form of driving. If you are thinking of relocating to the mountains, there are several available occupations where you can use your driving skills and earn a living. Moving to the mountains has its benefits including proximity to nature, clean air, and a healthier lifestyle. Mountain living is also associated with lower stress and anxiety levels.

Snowcat Operator

Snowcats are important equipment in snow grooming to prepare ski trails and snowmobile pistes. Maintaining ski resorts entails lots of work to keep snow groomed and picture perfect for visitors. In addition to a valid driver’s license, you must possess a snowcat certification. Training is essential to operate the snowcat which requires precision skills and to prepare you to go on more difficult terrain and complex jobs. For example, sculpting terrain parks and operating winch cats are jobs that need special skills and training. The salary ranges from $11-12/hour.

Shuttle Drivers

Guests of resorts need to be transported around the premises whether it is to the gondola, ski lift, or to their hotels in town. Resorts require qualified drivers to operate buses or vans. If you are a licensed driver, this is a promising option as the outlook for bus drivers is expected to grow to 6% from 2016-2026. In addition to an hourly wage which can go up to $15.87/hour per BLS stats, some resorts offer free snowboarding lessons, access to amenities, and overtime pay. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required and sufficient vehicle insurance cover if working as an independent transport provider.

Delivery Driver

Whether it’s a package or supplies to the resort, delivery drivers are very much in demand with the number of jobs projected to increase to 4% in the period 2016-2026 according to the BLS. They may collect, transport and deliver small or big shipments in the local area or neighboring towns. Most of the time delivery truck drivers move merchandise from a supply and distribution point to businesses and individuals. They are important players in the logistics support of mountain resorts and towns. Median pay is $14.06/hour.

Snow Plow Driver

Road clearing is part of what makes a mountain resort accessible. Snow plow drivers have their hands full during the winter season. They need to operate machines to remove snow and ice to make the roads safe for motorists. The vehicles may also deposit salt to melt the snow or dump sand to improve traction for vehicles. Snow plowing is a full-time job in the winter and involves machine training. Some may drive for the Department of Transportation or resort companies. You can also work as an independent contractor to clear snow off driveways, parking lots or walkways. Snow plow drivers receive $9-$30 an hour according to JobMonkey.com.

Mountain living is a healthy lifestyle with physical and mental health benefits. If you love nature & the outdoors and decide to move, there are several driving occupations that you can take up from operating machines to transporting clients and goods.

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