Hiring an Engineering Recruiter In Bristol

Engineering, like any other sector, is an important part of the economy of any society as engineers help to lay the foundations and build various infrastructures and machinery that make the economy work. In the UK, the Engineering Sector is the largest technical field. It employs over 5 million people and also generates over £850 billion in revenue annually.

The Engineering Sector covers a whole range of industries and there are opportunities in areas such as oil and gas, mechanical, civil, safety, automobile, sewage treatment, hydroelectricity, aerospace, etc. Engineering requires precision and professionalism. This makes it essential that as an employer of labour, you get the best hands each time you recruit new staff.

Recruitment should be about saving time for you as an employer and also for the job seeker therefore partnering with a recruitment agency means you get experienced and knowledgeable people that will help you out in selecting the best candidates. This will save your business both time and resources that it would have spent to do this.

Engineering recruitment companies focus on this sector which means they deeply understand what makes a good engineer; the skill set, the job requirements, and what your company needs. If you are looking for a recruitment company in Bristol; a city full of opportunities in aerospace, electronics, and construction, to help with getting engineers for your firm, below is a list of tips to help you choose the right one. Before you do so, you can learn a thing or two about the city of Bristol here.

Tips on Choosing an Engineering Recruitment Agency

Geographic Location and Reach

When choosing a recruitment agency, while it is an added advantage to have a larger or global reach, having a presence in the city you are located, in this case Bristol, is important. A locally based agency will understand the city and is more likely to know your company and what you need. It is possible to have a firm that has a global reach and can still be effective but you need to ensure they understand the local market and confirm that they do have the right connections both in your city and abroad.

Insights into Markets and Expertise

A good agency will have coverage and know-how in a wide variety of engineering fields. They will also have dedicated specialists and team members in these different fields who help in choosing the right candidates. Having industry-specific knowledge is important when sourcing and selecting candidates for each role instead of a general knowledge.

Your recruitment partner should have an in-depth understanding of engineering, especially your company’s area of specialization. They should know about your city, the average salaries and wages for each discipline, what daily rates are both for nationals and expatriates, what the talent pool is like in Bristol and where the major jobs and projects are. Access to this kind of information and data can make a huge difference in the quality of your staff and the success of your projects. This is the kind of Bristol Engineering Recruiter you should be going for.

Get Recommendations

No matter how much competition you have, you will still have allies even in the same field of endeavour that you can ask recommendations from. Ask your staff and colleagues about how they feel and what their experience is concerning different hiring agencies. You may do this without calling the agencies themselves. You may however need to also reach out to them to get to know them better sometime later.

You can ask about companies that they work with, confirm their success rate in hiring and retention of employees. You should also seek to know how much they understand the industry and how interested they are in helping you find the right candidates to become a member of your staff.

Compliance with Labour Laws

Getting on the wrong side of the law will hurt your business and you do not want this. Whatever you do, choose a hiring company that can show a commitment to complying with any relevant local, national and international laws. In the UK, there are laws such as anti-discrimination, tax, working time, minimum wage laws, and laws on information that is allowed or not when hiring employees, etc.

Recruitment companies should be aware of any of these laws especially those that concern recruitment and adhere to them. This will protect you from facing any consequences that may affect your firm. You can read up on UK Labour Laws here: https://www.expatica.com/uk/working/employment-law/employment-contracts-and-wages-in-the-uk-104501/.


The purpose of a hiring firm is to help you save time and resources by taking the burden of getting quality staff off you. You should choose one that will offer you all these and more. They should not only understand the local engineering market but also be able to easily spot candidates that meet the requirement to work in the sector.

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