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Tis the season. Hiring for winter seasonal jobs has begun! Ski resorts have the next few months to find the next best winter staff and now is the time to consider if a seasonal job might be a good option for you.

The unemployment rate may be rising, but there is no lack of job opportunities at ski resorts getting ready to hire for the upcoming 2008/2009 winter season. This is the perfect time to head to the mountains, gain valuable work experience and of course, have an incredible time. Why did I not head to the high country in the early 90’s? Memories of my cubicle and my mediocre job brings back a time that I would just as soon forget!

Seriously though, I did gain some very good experience, and whether you decide to work in a city, ski town, small business or corporation, I am sure you will too. Any job you choose will allow you the opportunity to develop new skills and/or fine-tune the ones you already have. To what degree, that will usually be up to you! If a seasonal job at a ski resort is the route you decide to take, I can almost guarantee it will be an experience that you will find difficult to ever forget!

Colorado, California, New Hampshire … Recruiting at the various ski resorts across the country has started this month with many of them getting ready to host their on-site job fairs in October. What kinds of seasonal jobs might you expect to find this winter?

  • Ski/Snowboarding
  • Patrol
  • Instructors
  • Race Crew
  • Lift Operator
  • Sales
  • Guest Services/Hosts
  • Grounds Services/Maintenance
  • Ticket Office
  • Administration/Marketing
  • Reservations
  • Human Resources/Front Desk/Assistant
  • Housekeeping
  • Restaurant Manager/Host/Wait Staff
  • F & B Cashier/Crewmember

Stay active, work hard and have fun. Not a bad deal!
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  1. With summer comes opportunities for fun and exciting seasonal jobs. This is especially true in cold states like Michigan. Many Michiganders hibernate for the winter and come out in the spring/summer to enjoy activities such as boating, fishing, skateboarding, golfing or just lying around on the beach. If you are looking for a job opportunity this summer in the Greater Grand Rapids and/or Muskegon area, you are looking in the right place.


  2. This elder retired lady since 5 months ago is looking for seasonal housekeeping at a ski lodge. Is there a possible employment with understanding that to live in the “dormitory” in North Conway, NH or anyplace in NH? My email address will be changed as of Dec. 1, 2008. Thank you.

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