The Perks of Working in the Great Outdoors

You might balk at the idea of exposing yourself to the elements by taking a job that requires you to function in the great outdoors. And truly, not everyone is suited to such a work environment. But there are many benefits to be gained from leaving the stale office air and drab surroundings behind. Here are just a few perks of working outdoors that the average person is bound to appreciate.

  1. Sunshine on your shoulders. If you’re anything like John Denver, it makes you happy (and possibly high). In truth, there is scientific evidence to support his stance. When your skin is exposed to sunlight it triggers a reaction in your body by which vitamin D is produced. This essential nutrient is responsible for helping your body to absorb calcium (for strong bones), aiding in muscle movement, assisting nerves in carrying messages between the body and brain, and bolstering the immune system to combat intruders like viruses. In addition, it can prompt the growth of neurons, which is said to improve your mood. So yes, sunlight on your shoulders CAN make you happy!
  2. Fresh air. Even with proper ventilation, working indoors can leave you feeling fatigued thanks to recycled air that becomes unbalanced with carbon dioxide over time. Working in the great outdoors comes with no such worry, especially if you happen to be in an area that features plenty of trees, which create an oxygen-rich atmosphere. And if you happen to be far from civilization, so to speak, you’ll even have the benefit of avoiding the pollution that comes from cars, factories, and so on.
  3. Adventure. Many outdoorsy jobs are inherently adventurous. This could have to do with the job type, especially if you’re some kind of outdoor tour guide or you get paid to take people skydiving, base jumping, or whitewater rafting, for example. However, even tame jobs could result in adventure thanks to the fact that you’re at the mercy of nature. You never know when you might encounter wild animals or have to deal with inclement weather. There’s no denying that Mother Nature will keep you on your toes when you work in her backyard.
  4. Fitness. Working outdoors may entail getting around in places where cars can’t go. So you’d better get yourself a good pair of hiking boots! That said, you will reap the benefits of your physical efforts by losing weight (provided you also maintain a healthy diet) and getting fit. This will help you to look and feel your best, which is a decided bonus with any job.
  5. Commune with nature. Studies have shown that being in natural surroundings can help to relieve stress and improve one’s mental and emotional state. While some people outfit their yards with a plethora of plant life and even outdoor fountains to mimic the feel of a natural environment, you will have the benefit of enjoying such surroundings while you work. So you can count yourself as far luckier than the majority of the population, which is stuck staring at depressing, gray cubicle walls and listening to the directives of a dozen inept bosses rather than a dozen different bird songs.

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