4 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Binocular

Most of us have owned a toy binocular as a kid to spy on the neighbour’s yard. When you needed a real one on vacations, you could always borrow dad’s. But very few of us have actually taken the pains to own one for themselves. It is not a thing of daily need, except may be for the avid nature lover or the bird watcher. So, no wonder most of us are a little lost as to where to start, now that you need to buy a real binocular for yourself.

Thankfully for those of us who are not so familiar with the finer nuances of binocular purchasing, it is not such a rocket science after all. Here are 4 factors that you need to consider in order to narrow down your search.

Know your requirement- Not all binoculars are the same. Which one you should get depends more on the purpose of your use. If you are going to partake in an outdoor activity, compact binoculars could be the best thing for you. These binoculars come with a magnification range of 7x to 10x and are best suited for hunting and watching stadium sports. They are easy to keep and convenient to carry, and just so you know the wide angle gives you a really good field view.

Understand magnification- It is the ‘x’ factor of your binocular. If your binocular comes with a 10x magnifying range, it means that the bird which was a 1000 metres away will now appear to be a 100 metres away (10 times magnified), as seen by the naked eye. Different activities call for different levels of magnification. You could make your peace with a 10x or 12x binocular if you are a bird watching enthusiast.

The objective lens diameter– It is the digit next to the x, represented by the unit mm. To keep it simple, the objective lens is the one bang opposite to the eye piece. It regulates the amount of light that enters the binocular, so for low light conditions you will be requiring an objective lens with bigger diameter to get better pictures.

Binocular Weight and Eye Straining–  Depending on the purpose of your use, you should consider the weight of the binocular. If it tires you out from constant usage, you may want to consider carrying a tripod with you. Also be careful about the impact your binocular will have on your eyes. The high end ones are usually good with little or no strain to the eye. But if you are using a regular one you may have to look away every few minutes to avoid watering of the eyes.

Well, since binoculars are meant for outdoor usage, it may serve you best to opt for waterproofing while selecting your binocular. Still have doubts? Well there are so many other things that must racking your head right now. Where to buy your binocular from? What about the pricing and which company products to go for? Don’t get overwhelmed just yet, the binocular guy can help you sort out all such details.

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