6 Reasons You’ll Love Living in the Mountains

More and more people are dreaming about leaving big cities or suburbs and moving to the mountains to a simple yet magical setting. There are many reasons you’ll love living in the mountains, from great outdoor jobs to unique surroundings and picturesque scenery. When you look outside the windows, you’ll feel the crisp mountain air and see the expansive open sky with soaring eagles, almost limitless greenery, and abundant wildlife. Mountains offer so much more than you can imagine. Living the mountain life has some exclusive advantages all year round. Let’s see what draws people to high altitudes.

#1 Idyllic natural beauty

Everybody who lives in the mountains has chosen to live in a place of idyllic natural beauty. Plants and animals thrive on mountains, where populations are less dense with fewer buildings than big metropolitan cities. The sky is large, quiet, and magnificent, and forest slopes are stunning. You’ll notice wildflowers in bloom and so many things that you haven’t had the time or the opportunity to see before. Those who love nature in all its purity are those who love living in the mountains. Keep your eyes and ears wide open, and every day can bring something new and inspiring. Breathtaking vistas are a guarantee! If you want to raise a family in the mountains, in surroundings of pure wonders, your children will be much more connected to nature.

#2 More privacy

Even in less remote, more heavily populated mountain towns, you’re not going to be packed with neighbors all around, like in big cities. The majority of people living in the mountains have plenty of space to call their own. The tranquility that comes with it is important, as well as knowing that you can totally relax when you feel like it. Mountain living is ideal for those who appreciate peace more than anything else. You can inhabit your own little slice of nature without neighbors in eyesight. If you decide to live in an affordable mountain town, you can enjoy a slower pace of life surrounded only by the beauty of nature. Furthermore, you’ll have more time and money to do the things you love.

#3 Endless outdoor activities all year round

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Those who decide to move to a mountain town aren’t usually the people who like to sit around, but those who have the spirit of adventure. Outdoor activities are a part of what makes living in the mountains so great. Some of the most popular outdoor activities are:

  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Mountain biking
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking and rafting
  • Paragliding, etc.

If you’ve never tried some of these activities before, now you’ll be able to try them all. On the other hand, if you enjoyed these fun activities on your vacations, now they can become a part of your daily routine and healthy lifestyle.

#4 Clean air and healthy lifestyle

One thing the mountains have that is hard to find anywhere else is fresh, clean air. As soon as you get there, you can take a deep breath and immediately notice the difference. The mountain air isn’t touched by all the pollution that plagues big cities, and there’s much less traffic. Being able to breathe freely is one of the significant advantages of mountain life, and it does your mind and body good. Just being in nature in the mountain air can charge your batteries beyond what you thought was possible. You can have endless moments of Zen whenever you walk in the forest. Enjoy the smell of pine, which is calming and grounding. Take some time to stop and simply smell the trees. Breathe in and breathe out and listen to the peaceful sounds of nature.

One more thing worth considering is the mountain food which is incredibly delicious and healthy. Some researchers have shown that people who live at higher altitudes have a lower chance of becoming obese and a decreased risk of certain heart diseases.

#5 Friendly people

The friendly people are a significant advantage of mountain life. You’ll get to know local traditions, listen to funny or inspirational stories, and enjoy warm smiles. You may notice that almost everyone you come across in the mountains is easygoing, polite, helpful, and trustworthy. That rule applies to someone they know as well as to a stranger. Everybody is welcomed and greeted in the same way.

#6 New job opportunities

One of the biggest reasons you’ll love living in the mountains is a chance to unwind and improve the quality of your life. However, when you decide to move to the mountains, you must carefully research all the aspects of life, especially if the change is work-related. Not all mountain towns are the same, and not all of them offer the same opportunities in terms of job, education, entertainment, health care, and other important aspects of life. So, always do your research about what you can expect and determine if it’s right for you before making any significant decision. For example, if you decide to move to one of the mountain towns of Colorado, those are well-developed places with a plethora of opportunities for growing your career and having a fulfilling life outside the job as well. Therefore, staying at the mountain can have the added benefit of mixing business and pleasure every day.

Final thoughts

Escaping far away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas and living the mountain life is an experience unlike any other. What can be better than spending the next chapter of your life surrounded by the brilliance of the earth and panoramic vistas? Of all the reasons you’ll love living in the mountains, the most important one is that you’ll have a less stressed life filled with the tranquility you deserve. The mountains are a place that can truly change your life for the better. Embrace that opportunity.

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  1. I like the idea of living in the mountains where you can enjoy the smell of pine in order to heal your mind and body. Since I work from home, it would be easy for me to find a mountain community that I could call home, without worrying about a commute. I think I will talk with a real estate agent so I can find a good piece of mountain property to live on and explore.

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