A Merry Snowy Christmas!

Ski resorts throughout the country continue to report great snow (check out OnTheSnow.com). What a Christmas blessing in a ski town.

A good example … Jackson Hole Ski Resort press release 12/22 reported, Thanks to daily snowfall which has brought over 161 inches so far this season, 80 of which have fallen since December 1st, over 41 inches this week…

… current snowfall already over 50% of last year’s TOTAL snowfall…

Last year … such fond memories I have of last January’s endless 15 below zero mornings and no snow. Sure, there is certainly a lot more to Christmas than great snow, but let’s face it, whether you are a year-round resident or a vacationer in a ”ski town” during the winter, some form of skiing and/or snowboarding is probably on your mind, and you are most likely going to rejoice when the daily ski report continually reports more new snow.

Beyond the pure joy it brings to the locals and visitors alike, it is also a huge plus for local business owners and anyone that works in guest services … especially during the week from Christmas to New Years, the busiest week of the season. Have you ever worked in hospitality in a ski town during Christmas week with little to no snow? It’s not pretty. Even the best in guest service will not compensate the couple with their three kids who traveled half way across the country and spent thousands of dollars only to find below zero degree temperatures and very little snow. Why didn’t you tell them before hand that it doesn’t always snow?

Anyway, enough about that. Ski resorts are experiencing an excellent early season so there should be smiles all the way around … locals, visitors, and of course those of you who are planning to head out to the high country in the New Year …

Enjoy and have a very merry Christmas!

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