A Thanksgiving Wish – Follow Your Free Spirit, Live With Passion And Give Many Thanks!

Normally I save the introspection for my birthday and the start of the New Year, but Thanksgiving has extra special meaning for me this year. Today, I am quietly celebrating strength, healing, clarity, and hope after a rather tumultuous year! And what does this have to do with the mountain lifestyle?

I took a chance on my dream over ten years ago and moved to the mountains. Within that peaceful and tranquil environment I (slowly but surely) grew and developed into the person that I always knew I wanted to be. Well, when life unexpectedly turns your life upside down (like it did mine), it certainly helps to have built a strong foundation by following your own truth, your own path and not someone else’s! I know that is what definitely helped me. I left the mountains suddenly last year to care for one ailing parent and ended up spending nine months caring for two ailing parents in two different states. I am now all too aware of that saying, “expect the unexpected”! Recharging in the outdoors and frequently closing my eyes to meditate on the mountains is what seriously helped me through.

There is no denying that these have been challenging times all around. Tough economic conditions, terrorism, illness, how do you rise above it all and not lose your ground? I believe it has a lot to do with pursuing balance. Taking care of yourself while still being able to share and take care of others. Not always easy, but a challenge worthy of pursuit.

What is running through my mind today? Live passionately. Follow your free spirit. Embrace the life that feels right to you. Live each day instead of trying to find all the reasons not to. Show compassion and give thanks. Give many thanks! I can not say this too many times today. Today, I give many, many thanks. Today, it is a blessing that has gone beyond my greatest expectations to see both my parents celebrating this special holiday.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful write-up. Yes indeed just Follow your free spirit, live with passion and give many thanks!

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