Benefits Of An Outdoor Lifestyle – No Time Like The Present To Explore The Outdoors

Living in the mountains where there are very few, if any, distractions that can compare to the natural environment outside your door, it is rather easy to forgo activities like video games, manicures and shopping malls. That is not to say though that you can not find and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors wherever you are.

With the challenging economic climate, what better way to spend less and reduce stress than to venture out into the great outdoors. If there is anything I have learned while living in the mountains, it is the healing capacity of simply getting outside and into the fresh air!

Running on the beach in Florida at sunset, along the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta, Central Park in NYC, a beautiful trail adjacent to a busy parkway (using an iPod for ambiance) and in a park filled with trails in my hometown in suburbia that I never before knew was there. After being tested myself this past year to find strength and peace in environments that were far away from what I had become accustomed to in Jackson Hole, I can now confidently confirm that you can find outdoor activities, beauty in the natural environment just about anywhere.

Here are three reasons to hit the outdoors today!

Reduce Stress – One of the easiest and best ways to reduce stress is to simply breathe. Getting out into nature where you are surrounded by natural beauty is a great way to release any anxiety from your day. For the time being at least, let your only responsibility be to just breathe!

Health and Exercise – Whether you choose to do something simple or strenuous, exercise is an important factor in overall health at any age. Trade in the treadmill for a walk in the park one day and just see how the change in routine makes you feel.

Costs – There are plenty of outdoor activities that are absolutely free. Entertainment of the purist kind. The simplest of pleasures with no fees involved!

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