Differences between Mountain Living and City Life

One of the first sensations to be perceived by most when venturing to the mountainous regions of the world would likely be the overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility that they bestow. The clean air, breathtaking views, and rejuvenating spirit of nature are just a few of the elements you’ll find here that all work in harmony to dispel negative forces that exist. The ground here will literally pull the bad “mojo” out of anything that walks on it, replacing it subtly instead with a vibrant, energizing spirit that you’ll not soon forget.

This spirit is manifested from divine energy within living things, both animate and inanimate. However, it can take some time to become attuned to this spirit. It literally pours off of trees like fountains of goodness, but is nearly invisible to those not open to its presence. You’ll surely notice this form of “Earth magick” as soon as you’re exposed to it, but through the anxieties of the world and the negative experiences of most of it’s inhabitants, mental blocks can prevent you from seeing the “big picture”.

“Flatland fever”
Most of the negativity of this world seems to be concentrated in cities, places that have long been without the healing touch of nature and its hosts. Without this energy prevalent in today’s society, humanity is on a downward spiral, and the outlook is grim. With a little foresight one can deduce that given the current “life equation” and all of its variables, without nature interwoven into the fabric of mainstream society, we will soon see consequences of its absence. Anger and hatred are running rampant in the densely populated areas of Earth, and we need a release.

The cure
Get back to nature, plain and simple. Although, depending on the level of negativity engrained in each individual, the rates of success will vary. However, the mountains contain the most potent and “untainted” healing energy, and your chances of success here are much greater than if you were to take a walk to your local park, where the energy is present, but on a much smaller and more abstract scale. There are simply too many nearby negative forces and distractions that prevent most from seeing the true shamanic qualities of nature. If you open and surrender yourself to these subtle Earth energies, you’ll not be disappointed, cheers.

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