Dry Camping: Challenges and Tips & Tricks

Some people have adventure running in their blood. This makes them open to all unique and exciting activities. If you feel the same attraction towards camping then you should try ‘dry camping.’ 

Dry camping is a subtle way to connect with nature on a deeper level. It lets you feel the composure and can act as a catharsis of emotions. The pleasure of being away from modern amenities and enjoying a rustic natural way of life is what dry camping provides you with.  

So here are the things that you need to carry with yourself to feel more connected and enjoy every bit of your camping:

Dry Camping

Dry camping is the practice of camping at a remote place where public utilities are not available. The serenity that a spot in the woods brings is always unmatchable. So, why not try camping there? You can either dry camp in the woods or enjoy a spot nearby a semi-permanent community.

Although this practice brings excitement with itself, the challenges can be daunting too.

Lack of facilities like bathroom, electricity and water makes it an adventure difficult to cross off your list.

A spot in the woods is ideal and unsettling at the same time. Ideal in the sense that you can connect with the beauty of nature in your capacity. Unsettling as in that you have to manage all your needs beforehand. Below are the things that you must have to fully enjoy dry camping:

Your Vehicle

The first thing you should fully assess is your car. You should have a full understanding of the advantages and limitations of your vehicle. This will help you adjust other needs as per your resources.

The size of your RV is an important factor affecting your camping recreation. If it is big, then you can have more things to bring along with you. But you cannot go to far-off places. A small and capable truck can help you camp anywhere. It might not be as convenient as an RV, but then that’s the point of dry camping!

Personal hygiene

If you have plans of staying-out in nature for days, then you better have a portable shower for camping. After all, wouldn’t you like a fresh bath in the sun after a tiresome day of exploring nature? A fresh bath after a full day of tanning would be enough to re-energize your body for coming experiences.

Easy access to a nearby water reservoir will help a great deal in elevating your bathing experience. It can give you a rejuvenating burst of energy to lead the rest of the day. 

The All-time-essential Water And Food

As the saying goes: “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” So you should be conscious of your water needs. Being conservative with your water usage will help you spend more time in the woods.

An average-sized water tank is usually enough for a single person. You can also buy some jerry jugs and collapsible bladders for surplus water.

Also, learn to make sandwiches and other foods that easy-to-make. Prefer the ones that don’t need any refrigeration. This will save you from the burden of adjusting a refrigerator with your amenities.

Be careful to take more food than you need. It might be of use in case of emergency.

During the trip, you would want to maintain some good hygiene too. This brings us to another must-have called a portable shower.

Electrical supplies

Dry camping is ‘staying off the grid’ but not from essential electrical supplies that can help you go through the day. They include basic emergency supplies like:

  • Flashlights
  • Durable batteries
  • Matches or a fire-starter

Similarly, solar chargers for mobile, car radio and a good generator with extra fuel are also a must-have.


Fuel is one of the necessities which you should bring with you in excess. Because not only would you need it for your RV, it can also be used to light up a fire. Likewise, heaters and cooking appliances will also need their specific fuel.

The fuel should last till the end of the trip so that you may add some to the RV if required.

First Aid kit

A smart, in-expensive kit should be readily available with you during camping. Buy a pouch sized one so that you may easily carry it even during hiking.

As you can be on-the-move so be careful to buy a water-resistant one. A typical kit includes:

  • Antiseptics and sterile gazed pads for cleaning and covering wounds.
  • Ace bandages of all types including sprained and strained joints.
  • Aspirin and antibiotics to prevent allergic reactions and mild pain etc.
  • Aloe vera and certain creams for burn relief.
  • Face masks, safety pins, scissors for cutting bandage, and tweezers to remove the bee stings.   
  • Hand gloves, ice packs to soothe the damaged body area. 

Basic Life Skills

You need to learn some basic life skills to enjoy dry camping to fully enjoy dry camping. These skills will help you enjoy the process. Otherwise, dry camping will become a burdensome task for you.

1.    First of all, you should have enough self-confidence as dry camping is not everyone’s piece of cake. At any time, one’s life can be at stake. So, camping can become an intimidating task at any time. At this hour, self-confidence is the thing that can help you get out of the situation.

2.    You’ll have to become smart with your surroundings. Chopping woods, lighting fire, avoiding floods, how to winch a car, etc. are the skills you should be adept at. Because when away from the population you can face any sort of dire circumstances. 

3.    You should also add self-protection tools to the list of basic utilities. For example, a gun for self-protection in the case of a wild animal attack.

4.    Lastly, you should be adaptable enough to adjust yourself to the changing circumstances.

Since you will be away from modern conveniences, these life skills will help you enjoy dry camping. 


One thing you should keep in mind is that a person learns from practice. Once you become a seasoned dry camper, you can either add or cut-off some things from your list. So, the things mentioned above cover the essentials to have for dry camping.

After you get a good hold of these basic necessities, dry camping will become a freeing way to refresh your soul. You will feel the true freedom of breaking away from the monotony of life and have what it takes to be a great dry camper.  

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