Elk Hunting in the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountain National park is a great place for hunting wildlife. Many of the famous trails were historically used by the Paleo-Indians to hunt and forage for food. If you are working in the mountains, you will see firsthand how perfect the terrain is for elk and deer. Hiking through this grand region will put you in touch with nature too, the mountains are breathtaking.

Elk population of the Rocky Mountains

Colorado has an elk population of over 280,000.  There are plenty of private hunting reserves that carefully control and monitor the wildlife to ensure that they are plentiful. Outside of these reserves, check the seasonal hunting rules, in many areas hunting is only permitted from September to December, outside of mating season. The elk of the region migrate through the park, moving to lower areas in the winter where it is warmer. If you are hunting in higher altitudes however, prepare for strong winds, sun and rain. There is very little shelter, so it is important that you have the right hiking equipment and waterproof clothing. The terrain is very rugged, however the views are stunning.

Look for the water

Elk are drawn to water, and can sometimes be found in herds. The area around Chasm Lake is great for hunting and plentiful with wildlife. Park at the Longs Peak Ranger’s Station, 9 miles south of Colorado Highway 7. From there the hike down to Chasm Lake and back is 8.5 miles, but it’s well worth the long walk. Chasm Lake itself sits at the base of Mount Lady Washington and the water is crystal clear and pure. It is important that you take a good long range rifle scope as natural camouflage are limited in this area. Before you leave, check the weather forecast as the area can be prone to lightening storms.

Be prepared to hike

The Rocky Mountains has some of the most breathtaking scenery, so be prepared for a hike to hunt for your prey. This means that you’ll have to be prepared with the right equipment, food, drink and a pair of very sturdy boots.When you are hunting in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, make sure that you leave plenty of time for your planned hunt to hike to your chosen area. Hunting at night time can be very hazardous, the landscape is very rugged and of course – rocky!

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