Erie RV Show Puts Everyone In A Camping Mood

The Erie RV Show took place at the Bayfront Convention Center from the 6th through the 9th of February. This was a great event for RV owners and potential owners to attend because it contained a showcase of all of the latest gear. This included hundreds of rigs as well as various manufacturers that offered unique products to be included inside of the rigs.

Those who were interested in buying a new RV could look at what was being offered by the top dealers in the area. This included:

–              Class A motorhomes

–              Class C motorhomes

–              Travel trailers

–              Fifth wheels

–              Folding trailers

–              More

The event was organized by the Erie Promotions & Expositions, Inc. and usually takes place each year – being held consistently at the Convention Center. The event took place Thursday through Sunday. The parking was free and admission was only $5 per person. Over the weekend, there were also events to take the kids. This included the opportunity to meet Smokey Bear and learn about fire safety and forest fires.

For anyone who wanted to go on a summer vacation, leave the winter weather behind, or do anything else where they could travel with their transportation with them, the Erie RV Show was the place to go. This made it easy to learn about all of the different options, check out the fuel mileage, and find out what the costs were when purchasing an RV.

For those who wanted to learn more about what could go into the RV, there were also various manufacturers that had products throughout the convention center. This made it possible to learn about everything from camping to entertainment products that could be used while enjoying the RV lifestyle.

There was a campground drawing that took place on Friday at the RV show. The drawing was for $500 worth of coupons to use when camping throughout the Western part of Pennsylvania. The winners of that drawing were Rob and Betty Ulrich. They entered the contest after visiting a total of nine campgrounds last year. With these coupons, they hope to visit many more for 2014.

Virtually everyone who owned RVs or was interested in RVs was at the Bayfront Convention Center at some point or another over the course of the four days. The remaining two days had extended hours. Saturday’s hours were from 10 AM until 7 PM and Sunday was open from 10 AM until 5 PM.

Those who missed the RV show can still learn about the various options when it comes to motorhomes and trailers by looking at a local dealership. This can still provide the opportunity to look around and even tour the insides of the homes to find out what the best option is for someone. There will also be the RV show again in 2015, which provides the highest level of information in one place for those who love to travel and do so inside of an RV instead of driving and staying in hotels.

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