For All The Mountain Moms Out There …

Back in July I wrote about the family that was considering moving from Durango to Texas to be closer to family. I decided to check in on Skimbaco to see what they decided to do. Looks like they decided to stay in Durango for now (which did not surprise me), and Katja sounds happier than ever.

I started reading through some other recent posts, and thought I would share this one too. For all the mountain moms out there …Mom trends in my Neighborhood – Durango, Colorado.

Not so different here in Jackson Hole, and I’m sure it is similar in many other mountain towns too.

Subaru Outback … hands down the most popular car in and around Jackson Hole. Crocs … not so much. Clothing … Cloudveil has definitely been my biggest high fashion splurge in the past few years.

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