Going Out for a Camp? Here are 5 Factors to Consider

Without a doubt, camping is one of the best outdoor activities there is. It allows you to experience nature first-hand, from the rustling of the leaves, the gentle blowing of the wind with an earthy, distinct scent of nearby shrubs and trees, to seeing the stars in the sky at night. While you may have to sacrifice some comforts and luxuries when outdoors, this should be kept at a minimum, lest you would not be able to enjoy that much. Apart from packing up basic goods, what are some other factors you ought to consider before you camp?

Availability of Water

Knowing whether or not you are able to refill your potable water would help you to know how much water you would have to bring for the whole camping period. If it’s a protected area, and if it has been developed for camping, then you can expect a store nearby that sells water, or faucets where you could have your water jugs refilled. If there are immediate sources of water, then you need not have to bring that much. If there are none, however, then bring enough to last your entire trip, ideally 10 liters of water per person.

Existence of Wild Animals

If you love to hunt, or if you want to see animals you rarely see, then make sure to choose camping sites with wild animals in them. Be wary of the types of animals that are known to graze near and around the camping area, as they have to be approached with caution. Such is the case for camping sites with bears or wild insects such as bees. If you have children with you, and if you don’t have much experience in dealing with wild animals or camping as a whole, then go camp at a kid-themed park instead, where the place is more restricted and there are people to assist you along the way.

Distance from Amenities

While it would be great to unwind and break free from the hustle and bustle of the city, and while a lot of people may think that you have to go far, the reality is that this shouldn’t always be the case, as there are a lot of parks which are only an hour’s drive away from the city, with some even taking less than that. If you are new to camping, and if you have special needs which have to be attended to, or if you have kids who may be homesick quick, then consider camping somewhere not too far from the city. In case of emergency, you would be given the necessary aid if you were to be camping in an area near the city.

Appliances to Bring

It wouldn’t really be a great idea to bring so many things to camp, but there just are some things that would be difficult to compromise, such is the case for comfort. With that said, apart from bringing the softest, most breathable sleeping bags along with you, you may also want to bring small camping fans for proper ventilation inside the tent, and to keep you cool during the hot summer nights while in camp. Apart from fans, make it a point to bring with you rechargeable lamps and radios as well.

Policies and Restrictions for Handling Fire

In a lot of established camping sites, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that there are some places where cooking in an open fire is a big no-no. You have to be respectful and compliant of the policies here. Moreover, if the rules are rather lax, still make it a point to be mindful as these fires for cooking, if left unattended, could cause large forest fires to emerge. Aside from cutting down the risk of fires, it is also important that you pick the right type of firewood, as they might bring infectious diseases which could make local trees sick.


Camping, as fun as it can be, has to be done with caution and thus has to be prepared of the best way possible. You can also consider to pick up a good camping fan to ensure your comfort if in case it gets too warm. If you want to get the best out of your experience, these are just some of the factors you have to consider in choosing the site for camping.

Author: Melanie Campbell is an outdoor and camping enthusiast behind Ardent Footsteps, enjoying this wonderful world since 2010. She shares expert advice when it comes to camping and outdoor trekking. With the main focus on making the most out of camping and outdoor adventures, Melanie will make you want to go out today!

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