Ketchum Idaho Entrepreneurs – From Ski Bumming To Success!

Catching up on the past week of ski town news, I came across an article that struck me as quite the inspirational story for anyone toying with the idea of heading up to the high country anytime soon.

This is often the way it starts … you move to the mountains, work at the local ski resort and/or local establishments where you not only get a substantial amount of time to explore the mountains (the reason you move there), but you also get to know the community and the way it ticks.

Words to the Wize is the story of three guys who moved to Ketchum, Idaho, worked part-time jobs at the ski resort and around town, decided to stay, moved on to full-time careers, and created and currently run a growing “youth-culture clothing company”, The Visual Wize Project.

Now a draftsman and project manager with Ruscitto/Latham/Blanton in Ketchum, Kelly is Wize’s managing technical analyst. Baker became the graphic and apparel designer for Smith Optics, in Ketchum. And Ames is a freelance writer and the editor of the Sun Valley Guide.

It was while they were all transitioning into full-time jobs that Wize took shape.

This is a good example of the fact that there are solid careers in the mountains and these towns are often filled with (outdoor enthusiastic) entrepreneurs.

Nice story, interesting concept!

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  1. Wow! that sounds just like what I want and cant wait for! Soon it will happen I know! The mountains have been calling me for years

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