Life in Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania

Welcome to Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania! This big mountain is perfect for outdoor activities such as mountain and rock climbing, hiking, caving, horse trekking, or simply enjoying nature and fresh air. And, even though this mountain is big, as previously mentioned, most people who come to live or travel here position themselves around the so-called Blue Mountain Resort. This resort is just perfect for people from all walks of life. No matter how old or young you are, you will undoubtedly find something for yourself here. However, even though this is a famous vacation destination, it does not mean that you cannot live here (and be on vacation every day). Thus, today, we are going to talk about life in Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania. 

About Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania 

The Blue Mountain also goes by the names Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania and Blue Mountain Ridge. It is located in Pennsylvania, of course, and it is a part of the Appalachian Mountains. Blue Mountain’s terrain is 150 miles long, and it stretches from New Jersey in the east to the Big Gap in the southwest. 

Blue Mountain is full of small, great mountain towns that are yet to be discovered! Unfortunately, some of those towns are empty because people left many decades ago searching for a better life and better weather conditions. Now, those desolate places are turned into tourist destinations. 

Speaking of climate, it is worth mentioning that Blue Mountain has all four seasons! But, the temperatures here (as in all mountains) are generally lower. For instance, the average winter temperature is 1’C in the winter and 13’C in the summer. Rain is expected during the spring and autumn months, while snow is common in winter. 

About Blue Mountain Resort, Pennsylvania 

Now that you know something about the Blue Mountain itself, let us mention a few things about its most famous resort. After all, as previously mentioned, it is this resort that attracts the most expats and tourists. So, Blue Mountain resort is nestled in Little Gap Valley, right beside the Pocono mountains. It is also located quite near Philadelphia and New York (around 90 miles).

Most people who live or vacation here are skiing enthusiasts. If you are one too, feel free to start looking for a home and planning a long-distance relocation with professional movers who can get you and your belongings there. You will be glad to hear that this mountain has a base elevation of 460 feet, a summit elevation of 1,540 feet, and the highest vertical in the entire state of Pennsylvania at 1,082 feet. This is a dream come true for all skiers. But, that is not all; the resort itself has 39 trails that are serviced by 13 lifts, five terrain parks, and plenty of outdoor recreational areas. 

It is also worth mentioning that the Blue Mountain resort is not only good in winter – it is good all year round. So, when the snow melts and people start putting away their ski equipment, the resort prepares plenty of spring and summer events. Family picnics, scenic rides, horseback riding, golfing, swimming in heated pools are just a few examples. 


If you are planning to live on Blue Mountain, you are probably wondering about your career options in mountain towns. To be honest, the only place where you can find a job on this mountain is in or around the previously mentioned Blue Mountain Resort. But, that is not bad at all! This resort is huge, and it has job opportunities for pretty much everyone.

Here are a few jobs you can get here: 

  • Ski or Snowboard Shop Sales Person
  • Snow Groomer or Cat Driver
  • Chalet Host
  • Ski Lift Operative
  • Chefs, Bar & Kitchen Staff
  • Nannies or Snow Hosts
  • Resort Driver or Handyman
  • Ski or Snowboard Instructor 
  • Resort Reps, Managers, Administrators & Coordinators
  • Snow-sports Journalist, Events Specialist or Marketing Person

Jobs you can find beyond the resort: 

  • Tour Guide 
  • Ski Instructor
  • Park or Forest Ranger
  • Medical Technician 
  • Store Owner 

These are just some of the most common jobs people get on the Blue Mountain. But, we strongly advise you to do thorough research before you come to live on the Blue Mountain. If you do not plan to start your own business, send your resume to the resort and ask if there are any job openings for people with your skills. Be sure to land a job before you move! 


If you plan to move to Blue Mountain with your children, you are probably wondering what the education system looks like. Well, we will be the bearers of good news and tell you that your children will have no problems going to school on the Blue Mountain. However, you should keep in mind that there are only six educational institutions here, and they are: 

  • East Elementary 
  • West Elementary 
  • Cressona Elementary 
  • Middle School 
  • High school 
  • Virtual Academy 

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that these schools are somewhat scattered around. Do your research and see which school suits your children’s needs the most. Depending on where you find (or start) your job, you may need to include either driving your children to school or commuting to work as there are no organized school busses here. 

Real Estate  

If you want to start your life in Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania, you will not regret it! Trust us – there are many reasons why you will love living in the mountains. But, before you move, inform yourself about the real estate. The types of homes and their prices will vary depending on where you want to settle (in the resort or outside). Finding a home in the Blue Mountains will not be a walk in the park. You will have to do a lot of searching, viewing, and maybe even crossing out items from your must-have list. Thus, it would be best to hire a local real estate agent. Only a professional of this kind can help you find a home that suits all of your needs and budget. 

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