What to Look for in a Good Hunting Tent

A test group indicated that a massive 30% of hunters choose a tent as their shelter of choice. This is a surprising statistic considering that hunters have a number of other options to choose from, including hides, cabins, and bungalows. Considering that hunting season takes place during fall, it’s imperative that hunters choose the right tent to suit a whole range of situations.
Ensure It’s Durable and Lightweight
It’s easy enough to get a feel for the folded up item inside the store but bear in mind that this temporary shelter needs to be carried to the ideal location, which could mean carrying it up hills and over long distances. While it should be light, it shouldn’t be flimsy. Adverse weather conditions can crop up at any time and shouldn’t spoil the ideal hunting weekend.
Choose A Reputable Brand
Hunting forums and online communities are filled with handy posts about the right gear, tents included. There is a reason some brands are opted for more than others and these forums should shed some light on that. Often, the top high-quality tent brands sport 100% cotton duck canvas which is ideal for adverse conditions. Other features include easy access and a lightweight carry to the next destination. When deciding on the ideal tent, comfort and space may also play a part especially for those who prefer a higher domed roof or bigger entrance.
Decide Whether Camouflage is an Issue
Brightly colored tents can be spotted from quite a distance, and hunters need to decide whether safety or stealth is their main focus. If they plan to set up camp in an area that doubles as a lookout post, some tents can double as a hide with carefully applied camouflage. Camouflage not only helps in keeping out of sight of the prey but may also provide a level of protection against predators such as bears and wolves.
The Length of the Stay
This is an important factor to consider as a small one-sleeper tent with a low dome might do well for a night or two, but when it’s longer it can become very uncomfortable. Tipi-style tents are often chosen because they provide that extra space and can easily conceal everything in trunks and cubbies. It’s also advisable to have an extra space available in order to accommodate gear, for instance, a two-sleeper is ideal for a single hunter.
There is no need to be uncomfortable or have a wasted trip hunting due to the wrong gear, and the easiest item to get right from the start is the tent. Other than visiting forums, hunters can also rent a tent for a hunting trip before they commit to purchasing one.

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