Making Life Changes, 2009 May Be The Right Time For You

I remember contemplating my last venture, life adventure, discussing it with a friend, and saying, “Well, I really want to try this, but I just don’t know if I can afford to do it right now”. Her reply, “How can you afford not to do it?” This is a fairly typical response from my friends in Jackson. No question, some of the most valuable education received in my life has simply been through living in Jackson Hole.

My friend, she is a long time local, married, massage therapist, yoga teacher, and landscaping business owner which she runs during the summer months. She left Jackson twice after saving every penny to become certified in her professions, dedicated to creating the life she knew she wanted to live in the mountains. There is truth in that you make life happen, life doesn’t always have to happen to you.

I was thinking back to that time after starting up a conversation the other day with a gentleman who had just finished some sort of skype chat with his children and grandchildren (in the middle of the library I might add). We ended up talking about the current state of affairs, the job market, and he said, “Years ago, my wife and I had just adopted a baby and I didn’t even have a job, but I never worried, it worked out, it just did. At times in my life, I made a lot of money, sometimes not as much, but we have always been more than fine, I never worried.”

How do you make major life decisions in challenging economic times without fear and worry dominating your thoughts and still manage to keep your feet (fairly) firmly planted on the ground?

With all the recent inquiries regarding the current job market from both locals and those ready to move to the mountains, I have sometimes struggled as to how to give valuable advice based in reality while still offering encouragement to people to follow their dreams. We certainly can not magically produce jobs, but that is not at all to say that the dream and the goal are impossible. Will it possibly take more planning, patience, research, saving, and should you ultimately have somewhat of a clear picture of what your own (not someone else’s) personal preferences and expectations of living in a mountain town are? Quite possibly, most likely, absolutely … yes. Is it worth the challenge? I believe so.

I found this article earlier today that you may want to check out. Liz Pulliam Weston’s, Is this the year to change your life?

These two snippets caught my eye,

”But there’s a big difference between being understandably concerned about your finances and being paralyzed by fear. While some folks are hunkering down, reducing their risk and stuffing money in mattresses, others are making bold, life-changing moves.”

Life goes on. Postponing a big move may seem prudent, but avoiding all risk is impossible, and trying to live a “safe” life may leave you with a boring one.

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  1. Amy, I think you make some great points. This is a hard time to pick up and move to another location then try to find a new job. And unless you are under 30 single and living with little debt this would be a hard move.

    But I think we forget that in today’s job world job allow for greater freedom. A lot of companies will allow you to work remotely. Or you can consult by the internet from anywhere. Nobody needs to know you ski until noon then work all evening. That’s how I made the move to CB possible. I did a career change so I could do the move.

    In this day and age it is okay to start a new career. If your passions and dreams really are to live the mountains anyone can find the way to make it work.

  2. Thanks Devin. It took me a couple of years of over analyzing until I made the move in the 90’s. All that analyzing and really, my perspectives and priorities sharply changed (in a positive way) shortly after making the move, never missed the city lifestyle. Sometimes I still over analyze though and the latest advice given to me, “if not now, when?” so true …

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