Mountain Towns in Kentucky You Will Love

It is always a treat to visit mountain towns, whether you are scouting for a place to settle down or just want to enjoy a weekend in nature! Hiking trails, waterfalls, beautiful scenery, and even picturesque fishing spots can all be found in these locations. To help you plan out your trip or relocation, we have compiled a list of mountain towns in Kentucky you will love!


Whether you’re a fan of beautiful nature or rich history, you will love living in the mountains with Harlan as your home. Now, the city did earn itself an unflattering nickname of ‘bloody Harlan’ at one point in its long lifespan. However, the period of clashes between the union and non-union miners has passed, leaving behind the Wilderness Road State Park, the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum, and the Kingdom Come State Park. Each of them is a witness of the long and vivid history of the place and is well worth visiting.


This town can be a bit tricky to move to because of the local geography and roads, so you definitely want to look for a crew from the area in the form of local movers to help you. Moving here, however, will lay the expanse of Cumberland Falls State Resort Park at your feet! You will be able to enjoy several exceptional hiking trails and stunning waterfalls. Let us not forget the phenomena of the moonbow, either which presents itself on every full moon and provides a romantic atmosphere to anyone in the mood to enjoy it.

Olive Hill

The serene beauty of Olive Hills is breathtaking any time of the year. But, to truly appreciate its full charm, it is best to visit during fall! The dizzying array of color and natural beauty will mesmerize you into staying. The town is also home to the Carter Caves State Resort Park, providing interesting career options in this mountain community.


Surrounded by nature and forest, Morehead is an official Kentucky Trail Town! The Daniel Boone National Forest that surrounds the town provides more than 100 miles of various trails. The town is not lagging behind in education either and houses the Morehead State University! You can do a lot worse than having an entire national forest to enjoy and explore when not dealing with lessons and exams.


The town of Irvine may not be large, but it has its own claim to fame with its Mountain Mushroom Festival! Every year in April, during its last week to be exact, the town hosts the festival. And all the food lovers flock here in search of delicious goodness. The Kentucky River, flowing right next to the town, also presents a wealth of opportunities to engage in all sorts of water sports and general waterfront activities.


Do you like the Appalachian Mountains? If yes, you would likely find yourself drawn to Pikeville! As experts from warn, the only minor complication is the difficulty of moving there in the first place. Once you are past this hurdle, however, the mountains would be at your pleasure! You’d be free to hike and stroll through nature. Go zip-lining from the top of the mountain, kayaking down the Big Sandy River, mountain biking, or enjoying your time on horseback. If these activities ever become a bit much, you can visit the museum and cultural locations of the area, such as the Rusty Roots, sporting homemade products, Jenny Wiley Theatre, the Artists Collaborative Theatre, or the Hatfields & McCoys Historic Feud Tours.


Elkhorn might be small, but it still has plenty of well-paying job opportunities in the mountains! The Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River provides the town with waterfront access. And the Breaks Interstate Park provides access to hiking trails and beautiful scenery. With the combination of both, you can pick and choose what kind of adventures you would like to set off on every day!


The name of this town may not be original, but it is very fitting and does not discount its beauty at all! Located in a valley between Pine Mountain and Cumberland River, the town offers plenty of activities and natural wonders to appreciate. The views of the town from the top of the mountain are a treat you should afford yourself at least once, as well.


Do you like fishing? What about country music? Well, if you do like the two, in addition to many great hiking trails, then Prestonsburg might be an ideal location for you! It is located near the Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, and the area boasts of several lakes where you can kick back and relax while fishing. The Country Music Highway also runs through the town, so you can go on scenic drives while indulging in your affection for it. 


Located between two mountains, Pine Mountain and the Cumberland Mountains, and in the well-known Cumberland Gap, this town is a wonder during the months of fall. Adding to its beauty and uniqueness is the fact that the town is located in the Middlesboro Basin, which is believed to be a giant meteor crater! This makes the town significant and interesting geologically, in addition to its wondrous scenery.


Have you discovered a place on our list of affordable mountain towns in Kentucky you will love that is drawing in you? If yes, good for you! Just remember one thing – prepare adequately if you are planning on making a visit and going on a hiking trip. Mountains may be beautiful, but they are also very easy to get lost or hurt in. However, as long as you enjoy nature with caution, things will be just fine.

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