All You Need to Know About Tree Pruning

What Is Tree Pruning?

Pruning basically refers to a horticultural practice that alters the growth and form of a plant. Based on science and aesthetics, pruning can be considered as a preventive maintenance as well. Many problems can be prevented by pruning properly during the formative years for a shrub or tree.

Tree pruning services are usually the cornerstone to all successful tree care programs. It’s critical to sustaining the tree’s health, retaining its natural appearance and stimulating growth.

Pruning is a science and an art at the same time. The science here involves a deep understanding of the tree biology, recognizing the plant flaws and skillfully minimizing or eliminating defects without hindering the growth of the tree or cause irreparable damages.

The art form here is masterfully pruning and trimming by removing proper deadwood which aesthetically shapes the tree so as to enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Importance of Tree Pruning

1. Aesthetics

Tree pruning effectively helps to maintain its appearance and shape. You’ve probably spent the time and money to buy nice trees for your yard, now you need to protect that investment. You should not try to impose an unnatural size or shape on the tree. The amount of pruning and trimming that will be required could seriously damage the tree.

2. Safety

Broken or dead limbs and branches can fall at any time, which is a very serious safety hazard. In case the tree branches obstruct your vision when driving, they ought to be trimmed away. Also, tree branches and limbs occasionally grow close to the utility lines. Such issues should always be handled by the utility company.

3. Health

It’s sometimes possible for homeowners to save infected trees by strategically pruning away the affected limbs and branches. Thinning the tree crown of improves airflow, which is very beneficial. If the branches are rubbing together or crossing, they ought to be trimmed so that they do not fall unexpectedly.

4. Pest and Insect Control

One of the main benefits of pruning trees is the fact that pests and insects are well-managed. If insects on your property aren’t controlled, they can cause serious concerns.

While these insects might not necessarily kill the plant, they can still spread diseases, thus weakening the plant and in turn increasing the chances of falling branches. In case the plants are close to your home, these insects can also make their way to your home.

5. Stimulate or restrict growth

Tree pruning can stimulate growth in certain areas of the tree. In addition, pruning can restrict growth in places where too much growth is unwanted.

Why Hire Tree Service Company?

When it comes to tree care, certain jobs are too dangerous and too big for you to handle as an individual. Such jobs need professional expertise so as to keep the trees healthy. As such, it’s always recommended that you hire professional tree services.

Working at such height requires proper protection and training due to a high number of risky variables like electrical wires, buildings, homes, wildlife or nearby fences. Of course, hiring tree services comes with its own set of benefits as listed below:

Healthier Trees

Arborists, otherwise widely-known as experienced and trained tree care specialists, know quite well the ins and outs of every type of tree within your local area. They also understand the effects of your particular soil quality, exposure and climate conditions.

Properly trimmed trees will allow for optimum flow of air through the branches thus maximizing healthy growth of trees as well as the gardens nearby. Tree care companies also help to combat tree disease and the damaged trees, trimming where necessary. This will allow you to avoid extra costs and potential hazards in future.

Timing is everything

Tree care specialists usually know about the timing for soil care, tree trimming, tree removal and several other tree care tasks. Ask them

concerning proper scheduling for tree maintenance tasks, and consider both frequency and time of year. This information will allow you to budget for your tree care without any worries thus avoiding overspending or unnecessary stress to your landscape.

Safety and Efficiency

The average homeowner does not have the necessary equipment for tree trimming, and borrowing or renting trimmers, saw, ladders, cranes or lifts adds more pressure and hassle to your property maintenance tasks list. Hire tree service companies for tree trimming in both fall and spring (or whenever necessary depending on your specific shrubs and trees) to count on an efficient and affordable job.

When Do You Prune a Tree?

Diseased, damaged or dead branches should always be removed as soon as possible. If not, the best time for tree pruning is in late winter, early spring or just before your tree starts to open their buds. Some trees, like dogwood and maple, will bleed sap during this time of the year.

This bleeding shouldn’t harm them. When tree pruning can be done at any time, it’s always good to avoid the hot dry periods and the extreme winter cold. In case you prune trees after their leaves have opened, ensure that you allow them to develop fully their leaves plus some extra time to recoup the energy that they used.


Property owners usually invest a significant amount of time and money into landscaping, and the trees play a vital role in almost all landscapes.  Planning for necessary tree maintenance tasks like tree trimming will allow you to get the most from your investment.

Make wise decisions for your trees and your landscaping investments to ensure that your trees remain healthy by performing the tree care maintenance tasks on time, efficiently and safely.

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